What just happen?

I'm Liam Payne's sister. I got long blonde hair that is alway down I have side bangs and the tips of my hair are brown. No one knows about me because Liam didn't want anybody to know. I hate One Direction, all because of my brother. And my life just went form bad to worse. My parents just died and they where the world to me they were the only people how knew about me beside my brother. - Chase Payne


5. Chapter 5

Chase's P.O.V

The next morning I woke up in Liam's arms. I looked at him and he was looking at my computer. "Good morning sweeties." he said looked at me. "Hey." I said in my morning voice. "Get up breakfast is ready." He said helping me up of my bed. "But I don't wont to get up."I wined. "How long does it take you to get ready?" He asked walking to the door. "I don't know like 10 minutes." I said walking to my dresser and pulling out my dark purple tang-top and my black skinny jeans. "Okay see you in 10." He said as I walked to get my purple nike high hells. I changed and walked down stairs and into the kitchen and around the table. I stopped when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around to see all of the boys looking at me. "What?" I asked and they all went back to eating. Okay. They started to sing Little Things. I rolled my eyes and I think, I think one of them saw me and stopped. "Why do you hate us?" Louis asked. "I don't hate you." I said looking out the kitchen window. Liam saw what I was looking at. "Shit, guys they found us!" He yelled. "Chase they can't know your here." He said running to the front door and locking it. "It's not like they know who I am!" I yelled and he ran up to me and said "It doesn't matter I love you and I don't wont you to have to deal with what I have to deal with." My phone began and to ring I picked it  up "Hello" 

"Your father has passed on." I dropped my phone and I fall with it. "Chase are you okay!" I hear voices calling my name. "Dad's dead." everyone was silent. I looked at Liam and he was crying. "Liam." I said grabbing his shirt and pulling him to me. "Lt me go and get dad's body." I said letting him go. "Chase no."He said pulling away. "They wont know me and if I don't talk i'll leave me alone, I'll be fine." I said standing up and walking to the front door and unlocking it. "I'll see you soon, big brother." I said and walked out and locked the door. "Is One Direction in there?" one guy said. "No just me and my big brother." "were are you going?" one girl asked. "I'm going to pick up my dead father and mother, anymore questions?" They were all silent as I got into my car and drove to the hospital. "Wheres my father?"I asked when I walked in. "Yes this way miss. Payne." She said wait for me to follow her. "Here he is. What do you wont with him?" She asked looking me up and down then bit her lip. "Can I have his body?"I said not looking at her but looking at my father. "Yes, i'll be right back." She said walking pass me and hitting my butt. "Okay." I said to myself. She came back with some papers. "Here sing this." She said handing it to me. "Thanks." I said signing it and handing it back to her. I was leaving with him and she winked at me and give me her number. When I got back to the house the pop. was still there. I got out of my car and locked it Unlocked my front door and walked in then locked it agin. I trued around to see Liam, Harry,Louis,Niall,and Zayn standing there . "Hey guys." I said slowly. They pulled me into a hug.

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