What just happen?

I'm Liam Payne's sister. I got long blonde hair that is alway down I have side bangs and the tips of my hair are brown. No one knows about me because Liam didn't want anybody to know. I hate One Direction, all because of my brother. And my life just went form bad to worse. My parents just died and they where the world to me they were the only people how knew about me beside my brother. - Chase Payne


1. Chapter 1

Chase P.O.V

"Mom, Dad I'm home!" I yelled when I walk though the front door and ran up to my room and put my backpack by my door. "Mom, Dad you home?" I looked around up stares. I didn't see them so I went down stares and into the kitchen and there was a note it said 

Chase, your father and I are going on a date. We haven't had one since your brother was born. Dinner is in stove. We will be back at 10:30pm. So don't wait up. Call your brother it's his birthday today. Be nice okay. Love you so - mom 

p.s. your brother is coming home. He'll be there at 8. And please, please be nice. 

"great" I said to my self."My brother that made everyone think I wasn't alive." I looked at the time it was 7:45. My brother was going to be here in 15 mins. I rolled my eyes and went up stares to get my phone and text Liam to see if he was bring the band with him. 

C- "are you bring the band?" I sent the text

L-"yes they don't know about you so…" he replied 

C-"like anybody knows that I'm alive!" I texted

L-"we'll be there in 5" 

C-"okay the door is open" 

i sat down in the living room and waited tell they got here. I'm so NOT happy that my brother didn't tell his band about me. The front door opened and I saw Liam walk in first with his bags. He looked at me and said "you going to help?!" 

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