love at first sight

Abby Simons dosent have a easy life. What happens when she hears about a contest with 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. wow

"well okay Abby go backstage to meet the boys and Simon!!!". I walked backstage and there stood my favorite boy band and Simon "Hi I am harry styles" harry said interrupting the silence "Abby Simons"  I held my hand out for him to shake but he picked it up and kissed it. "I am Louis and I like girls that eat carrots do you eat carrots?" Louis asked "yes I do!" I went to shake his hand but he hugged me I laughed and harry whimpered so Louis hugged harry even longer I laughed and moved on "hi I am Niall how are you?" said niall in his thick Irish accent "I am great thanks for asking!" I replied he hugged me right away and I went to Liam. " hello I am Liam" I shoke his hand and we smiled at each other then zayn said "I am zayn vas happening!!!" "nothing much I answered he gave me a head nod. Then they all said "and were one direction!!!!!". Then harry said "and were taking you shopping!!!!!" wow

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