love at first sight

Abby Simons dosent have a easy life. What happens when she hears about a contest with 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. shopping with the boys

we went to the mall me harry and Louis took my car and fought about who would drive with me in shotgun harry ended up winning and we went to the mall I put my iPod on shuffle and rock me came on harry and Louis died laughing. when we were finally at the boys took me in urban outfitters and cath kidston. I got a red yellow and blue dress with a floral pattern and a beige jacket. I got a grey dress with a crème colored top and black lining. I got a sky blue and gray striped top with grey skinny jeans .I got a royal blue colored dress with a beige skinny belt .I got a black and pink floral dress .I got a colorful dress with a black top and blue green tights. I got a peach colored lacy top with the grey skinny jeans. I got a floral sun dress with a white top. I got a denim dress and ALOT of other stuff to. "thanks so much guys you didn't have to buy me anything really" I said "I HAVE to pay you guys back" "you don't have to pay us back 10,000 dollars babe" Louis said "10,000 DOLLARS!!!" I whisper yelled "who cares its not that much!" harry laughed. "NOT THAT MUCH!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. "I am hungryyy" niall whined. "Have you ate yet abs" harry asked. "yes but I can just watch" I said. "NANDOS" niall cried we all laughed and went to nandos

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