love at first sight

Abby Simons dosent have a easy life. What happens when she hears about a contest with 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4. my date

                                                            Niall"s POV



we just got to are house for the next month and went to  pick her room she was so pretty and I really like her but what if she doesn't like me things would  get so aqward. she will be on tour with us for two years but who cares here it goes "a-a-Abby" I said "yeah Nialler" she replied. "Will you umm go out with me for dinner like you know on a on a um um date?" I asked. "of Corse I will niall!!!" she replied "when!?!?". "30 minutes?" I asked. "perfect I will go get ready!" she answered and went to get ready

                               Abby's POV



OMG I CANT BELIVE HE ASKED ME OUT what am I going to wear!!! after 5 minutes of debating I decided on a dress that is a mixed color of peach and beige with a silver belt at the middle , some really cute silver sparkly heals a pearl bracelet and some diamond earrings , a gold diamond in crested ring and a pearl bracelet that the boys got me at the mall I sat them on the bed and went to go get a shower and brush my teeth  and got ready I curled my hair and went downstairs and all the boys stared at me niall stood up came to me grabbed my hand and said "your carriage awaits malady!" . He took me outside and there was the prettiest two horses with a carriage attached I covered my mouth "do you ride?" he laughed I  nodded yes "then take your pick!" he said I picked the black one with a white mane and spots "Thanks so much niall this is so much fun!!!" I said "where are we going for dinner" . "Launceston place and the fun hasen't even started yet!!!".

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