love at first sight

Abby Simons dosent have a easy life. What happens when she hears about a contest with 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. contest

"ABBY SIMONS"  Adri the most popular girl at oxford college screamed at me. Why me simple blond haired blue eyed 21 year old girl? "I CANT BELIVE YOU HAD THE NERVE TO TRY AND TRIP ME!!!!" she continued even though I didn't "I am so sorry" I said sarcastically and left and went to my car I turned on the radio and I heard "so hurry down to the radio station across from Lincoln college to enter this contest all you have to do is buy a ticket and in 35 minutes we will announce the winning ticket that gets to go on tour with one direction!!!!!" since that's my favorite band I went to the mall and bought a ticket. I went and got something to eat at Nandos and came back to the ticket station and asked "where will the winner be announced?" she answered "that way" as she pointed to her right "good luck honey!" she said and I smiled and walked in that direction and sat down at a empty table. 15 minutes later I heard the same booming voice from the radio say "ITS TIME TO FIND OUT THE WINNER!!!! ok so turn over your ticket and look at the 9 numbers on the ticket" I did as he said and he continued everyone stand up sit down when the numbers don't match yours the winner will be the only one left standing in the end the first number Is 7" I stayed standing about a fourth of the room sat down "2" and I was still standing "5" still standing "3" still standing "0" still standing "6" still standing then there were three of us left me a really tall girl and a ten year old it has to be me "can the three remaining contestants come to the stage please" we did and I started to get really nervous "5" the tall girl left sadly "and the number determining the winner is 1!" the ten year old cried and left the stage I was in shock as he said congrats mam what is your name!!?!" "Abby" I said in shock

A/N- sorry the chapters are short but I will update alot

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