Pretty Little Liars: Rememering Ali

Some cussing same characters and not same stuff as the tv show!! Only mature content is cussing so I'm making it green content


1. That night

It was the night of graduation from being a junior and Alison,Hanna,Emily,and Aria stayed at Spencer's that night celebrating 1 more year of school they were watching Mean Girls and talking about guys until Ali and Aria went outside I HATE YOU Alison! You ruined my job for me! Well you know what Aria I'm done goodbye! Whatever Ali! She walked back in and told them about the fight and the. They heard a scream Ali's scream. They couldn't find her that night and a month after they flound Ali's body or so they thought. Read on to find out what really happened to Alison in my story!! Note: I am doing a whole different story line only same characters I am making what happened in all the episodes different

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