One planet, one dream

Daniel Lester is on his space mission to Venas. Enjoy XX


2. The first day

I got out of my warm, spongy bed to start my day. I got changed into my dense, moist astronaut suit and went down to the lower cabin below me. Just so you know, I was still in my rocket. For breakfast I ate some stale, crisp bread and watered it down with some cool, refreshing water. Water was one of the only things I had that was wet on this planet! After breakfast I was ready to start my first day on Venas.

There were two main reasons I was on Venas; one, because I was NASA’s top exploration astronaut and two, because it was my dream. It was my dream to step foot on a planet that had not once been disrupted by any form of life; no one was sure that there was no life on Venas so my job was to find out. I had to take some samples of the hard rock and send it back to the hygienic, spotless labs of Lyndock.

It was now time to finally go outside and walk on Venas’ surface! My hair stood on end signifying that I was extremely nervous. I twisted my space helmet on and heard the soft click as it locked into place. I then turned the crank to open the hatch that would lead me to Venas and its beautiful presence. I opened the hatch and a cloud of steam floated gracefully out of the rocket.

As I stepped out of the hatch and placed my foot carefully on the first rung of the icy ladder I realised how cold it was outside the shuttle. I stepped off the last rung of the ladder and as I did a shiver ran up my spine. I knew it was going to be cold here on Venas so I turned up the internal heating of my space suit. The surface of Venas was not as I expected it to be; the ground was warm and spongy, just like my bed and although the atmosphere was cold it was still quite humid. Venas smelt like a wet dog and that is certainly a horrible smell! When I signed up for the mission I thought it was going to be different, but over the years and past missions I have learnt to expect the unexpected.

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