The Mare

She's there. I see her.


3. 3

 It's eight o'clock in the morning when Amelia rings.

 "Hey, I know it's early to wake you on a Saturday, but the show's next weekend. We won't be going home, we'll e staying overnight. You'll have to ask your mam if that's okay."

 "No, it's fine. I'll ask my mother now. Just hang on a second... She said it's fine."

 "Good." I can hear the smile in her voice. "You'll have to be here by five, though."

 "That's fine. The earlier, the better."

 "What's wrong?"

 "Can I come down? Do you have lessons?"

 "Of course you can. Some eejit left a hose on in the indoor yesterday. The whole thing's frozen."

 "Okay, I should be there in about half an hour."

 "Bye, see you soon."


 I pull on the riding gear relatives bought me for my birthday. Mam doesn't care. She just gives me money, doesn't take any interest.

 I run out the door without eating breakfast.  I throw my leg over the saddle of my bike and cycle up the road to the stables. It's only fifteen minutes and I'm there. I look at the house. Amelia's looking into a mirror, fixing her hair. I smile and tie the bike to a fence.

 Dream sticks her head over the door and whinnies at me. "What happened to you?" I laugh when I see the purple hood that matches her rug. The only part that's not in covered are around her eyes, her muzzle and her legs.


 ^^^^^Pink Version Of Dream's Rug^^^^^

 I stroke her muzzle and she whinnies loudly. A few minutes later the house door opens and Amelia comes out.

 She has her hair straightened and in a ponytail and she's wearing a little make up. "Do you like Dream's new rug?" she grins.

 "It's very.... Snazzy. Are you going out?"


 "You're wearing make up."

 "Oh, yeah. Er.. Kayla gave me some free stuff, so I thought I'd try it."

 "It's nice."

 "Thanks. Do want a cup of tea?"

 "Yeah, okay." I give Dream another stroke and follow Amelia into the house. We talk while drinking the tea.

 "Jesus, Aidan, you're after getting awful skinny. Are you sick?"

 "No. I just don't have time to eat a lot."

 "Did you have breakfast?" I shake my head. She sighs and gets stuff out of the press. I watch as she moves. She's as graceful on the ground as she is in the saddle. I wouldn't be surprised if she did ballet for years.

 I smile when I smell the bacon. "What are you doing?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

 "giving you a proper breakfast."

 "Ah, Jay-sus, Amelia, you don't have to! I'll be fine." She doesn't answer, just keeps cooking.

 She made a fry with rashers, sausages, eggs and pudding. "Did you have breakfast?" I ask, as she dishes it up.

 "A small one." I grab another plate and put half of the stuff on it.

 "This'll do me." She smiles and sits down again.

 At lunch time, after riding out, feeding and grooming all of the horses, we're back in her house. This time we're in the sitting room watching t.v.

 "Fuck, that was a bad fall." We're watching her do cross country on YouTube.

 "It wasn't that bad. I only broke my wrist."

 "You're an amazing rider, Amelia." I look up and catch her gaze. She smiles and moves closer.

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