The Mare

She's there. I see her.

2. 2

 I slip into the house unnoticed. Mam's working again. She's always working. I roll my eyes as her fake laugh floats out from her study. I take my boots off before climbing the stairs. Not bothering with my homework, I just run a bath.

 I pick up a book and sink into the bath, the hot water helping my stiff muscles to relax. The person in it's getting bullied. Not badly, though. I repeatedly roll my eyes. They make it seem like he's being terribly bullied when it's not actually bad.

 I throw the book on the floor and grab my phone off the toilet seat cover. I scroll through the pictures. Amelia takes pictures of me riding. I smile at one. It's of me riding Dream bareback through the field. It's sunset and her mane is whipping back onto my hands.

 After washing my hair, I get out and sit in my room listening to music.

 "Aidan?" I groan as my mother's voice filters through the doors.


 "Come here. I need to talk to you." I slip on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and run downstairs.


 "Amelia's on the phone." I take the receiver.


 "Hi, Aidan, are you going to the show next week?"

 "What show?"

 "At Clover Hill. You could ride Dream in the paced and mannered."

 "Yeah, okay. There's no jumping, is there?"

 "They have an indoor. Do you want to jump her?"

 "Yeah. If there's a metre ten class."

 "Okay. I'll iron out the details and tell you tomorrow. Are you coming to the yard tomorrow?"

 "Yeah, I will. Bye."

 "Bye, Aidan." I go back upstairs and lie on my bed, thinking. Climbing under the covers, I close my eyes. Sleep comes easy. It always does.

 I look around. The place is so familiar yet so alien. I see her. She's beautiful. Her coat almost blends in with the background.

 "Hey, girl," I coo, reaching out. She stretches her neck to sniff at my hand, her whiskers tickling my palm. Suddenly she throws her head up and snorts, turning on her heel and cantering away.

 I wake up in a cold sweat. It's not a bad dream so I don't know why I hate it so much. I had dreams of the mare before I saw her. She's wild. I want to catch her. But then what would I do? I'd never catch a wild horse and bring it in unless it was in danger. I find in wrong.

 I look at the clock It's three in the morning. I flip my pillow over to the cool side and put my head down, instantly falling asleep.


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