My Life's A Rollercoaster

Cassidy and Caitlyn are twins, identical twins that is. Cassidy is more of the nerd, her whole life she's been wanting to be a famous gamer on YouTube and Caitlyn wanted to be a beauty guru on YouTube. The girls were always together for all of their life and now they get separated? Cassidy achieves her goal of being a gamer on YouTube while Caitlyn is stuck as a pizza delivery woman, She hates everyday of her life until one day where she has to deliver a pizza to a guys house and yeah he's cute and all but she doesn't know if he will stick by her side because she has had many boyfriends that only date her for her sister's video games and not for her....Yeah, those guys. Find out if Cassidy and Caitlyn ever get reunited and if Caitlyn finds that guy and his friend again in the story.


1. Ugh...Nah....

~Cassidy's POV~  "Cassidy, we have to go shopping! you don't have any dresses or heels!" My roommate screamed at me whilst I was recording a video "I'm recording!" I screamed back "Well, back to the game" I smiled ~Like and Hour later~ "Okay, well I gotta end it here peeps, Comment down below if I should continue and what your favourite part was. Alright bye" I waved before I stopped recording "Jenna, you cant just interrupt me anytime you want!" I walked downstairs grabbing a coke bottle from the fridge and pouring us some in a cup "Sorry, It's just today is my mom's wedding and I want you to be there!" She said taking the cup away from me "Okay but I can't, I have a meeting with the O2L guys" I said grabbing the other one, She frowned and made a puppy dog face, I ran up to my room where I spend most of my hours. I was watching a new video from Pewdiepie when my phone buzzed "1 text" I read aloud

 Hey, just got to work so I'm going to deliver to your house right now ~ Caitlyn

Well, my roommate is going to scream at me so don't knock just say pizza ~ Cassidy

Alright ~ Caitlyn

Moments later I hear someone say pizza "Cass! I got your pizza! I paid for it too!" She screamed "Ugh" I dragged myself down preparing for the screaming to commence, She just sat on the couch and smiled at me, I grabbed my pizza box and walked up to the stairs "Aren't you going to share some?" She asked "Nah" I said and walked up to my room ~Literally 2 hours later~ "Oh shit, it's 8:00 already?" I asked thin air "Hey Kian, uh, I'll be there in a little I just lost track of time" I said into my iPhone "Ok" was all he replied before hanging up, I got off of my lazy ass and walked to my closet and got out a pair of supras and some skinny-jeans, I decided that my shirt was alright, It was one of my own shirts that said 'If you ain't happy then you ain't cool!' with a thumbs up below it, I got on little make-up, Like some eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss "Done" I smiled in the mirror, I crept past Jenna who was sleeping on the couch and ran out the door, luckily the park we where meeting at was close so I just ran there "Hey guys" I said catching my breath, I looked around and only saw Connor and Kian "Uh, where are the other guys?" I sat down on the bench next to Connor "being stupid and trying to climb that building" He said and looked over to them, I walked up to them and tapped JC on the shoulder, He jumped which caused me to laugh "You scared the living shit out of me" He screamed at me "Sh!" One of the people who lived around here said or at least made a noise "I looked over to the sidewalk and saw Jenna walking and screaming my name "Oh, Shit!" I ran behind JC and stayed there "Is she gone?" I whispered "No, she's coming here!" He whisper/yelled, My eyes opened wide as I ran behind a slide "Hey Connor" She said sweetly and sat down on his lap, I rolled my eyes, I hate how she just forces them to let her sit on their lap like ew "Hi Jenna" He said pushing her off "Here" Kian held out a hand for her and she sat down on his lap instead, Kian loved it. He had a crush on her ever since they met "Do you know where Cassidy went?" She asked sweetly again, he noticed me and said "Behind the slide" "Thanks babe" She smiled and I ran away into an alley, luckily I knew this way so I made it back home safely, I crawled up to my room and changed into my PJ's cuz' I'm not going out again today, My window was pushed open by Jenna because doors are to mainstream for her "Where'd you go when I was asleep?" She pushed me against the wall "Here" I replied "Stop lying to me" She said as she pushed me up against another wall "Now tell me, where were you?" She asked, I got up the courage and slapped her "Don't do that because this is my house and I can kick you out whenever I want" I screamed in her face, she ran away crying, I'm usually not a bad person, Promise. I fell asleep on the ground as I got a call, I picked up "Hello?" I answered "What'd you do to Jenna?" Kian asked me concerned "She was the one who pushed me up against two walls, so I slapped her and screamed at her" I replied "Yeah, so I'm going to get her stuff right now" He said trying to cover up the laughs "Okay" I replied, I could tell he was trying to fake doing this because he is so cool like that, I laughed at the thought of him coming here and actually  picking up her stuff "Hey Kian" I let him in "Where's her room?" He asked smiling "Up the stairs to the left" I said closing the door, I walked after him but into my room which was next to hers but I had my name on my door, I got comfy in my bed and grabbed my laptop and started to scan through twitter when I heard Jenna squeal her happy squeal and then I heard kissing "EW! GO FUCK AT KIAN'S HOUSE!" I yelled "Yeah well that bitch doesn't like his house" JC appeared in my window and climbed in "What are you doing here?" I asked practically smiling "Getting Kian" He smiled and walked to the room next door "Ew,ew,ew,ew,ew,ew" Was all I heard JC squeal before coming back to my room "Ew" He said one more time "Half-naked?" I asked, he nodded "Ah" I set my laptop down on the bed and walked into her room "This ain't no house for sex, get out" I simply said and walked back to my room, then I heard shuffling and doors opening and closing "He's out! you can go now too" I said smiling "But what if I what to stay here, he took his eyes off of his phone and looked at me "That would be weird" I said making a grossed out face "Oh C'mon, you know you love me" He smirked "Yeah, uhm, I forgot to tell you....GET THE FUCK OUT" I said "Fine" He replied "Thank you" I smiled and got settled back on my bed ~10 minutes later~ I shut my computer and got underneath the duvet and slowly but quickly fell asleep

A/N hey guys! so the next chapter is all Caitlyn's POV, so I hoped you liked it and this is my first Movella, so if you could comment what I need to work on that will be perfect, thanks ~Savannah

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