My Life's A Rollercoaster

Cassidy and Caitlyn are twins, identical twins that is. Cassidy is more of the nerd, her whole life she's been wanting to be a famous gamer on YouTube and Caitlyn wanted to be a beauty guru on YouTube. The girls were always together for all of their life and now they get separated? Cassidy achieves her goal of being a gamer on YouTube while Caitlyn is stuck as a pizza delivery woman, She hates everyday of her life until one day where she has to deliver a pizza to a guys house and yeah he's cute and all but she doesn't know if he will stick by her side because she has had many boyfriends that only date her for her sister's video games and not for her....Yeah, those guys. Find out if Cassidy and Caitlyn ever get reunited and if Caitlyn finds that guy and his friend again in the story.


2. Cass, Facetime me NOWWW!

-Caitlyn's POV- "Morning Carson" I said smiling at my manger "Caitlyn, Here's the address here's the pizza" He said handing me everything, I work two jobs one as a elementary school helper in the morning and a pizza delivery woman at night, I drove to the place and knocked "Hi, Pizza delivery for Connor Franta" I said smiling, He is one good looking dude... "Thanks " He shut the door, I turned around and then it hit me...I forgot to get him to pay..oops, I knocked again "Sorry, but you forgot to pay me" I said "Oh yeah" He smiled and gave me some change ~After work~ I got home and texted my sister

FaceTime me now .-. ~Caitlyn

I can't! Roommate being clingy ~Cassidy

Cass, NOW! ~Caitlyn

I will laterz, byeeee ~Cassidy

"Ugh" I groaned, I need to get that boy outta my mind...I watched one of my sister's video's, I smiled at her face.... I miss that son of a gun,, I haven't seen her in a while now "Boo" Someone screamed from behind me "Damn it! Chelsea" I screamed at my roommate "Sorry, I just wanted to say....GOODNIGHT!" She tackled me in a bear hug "Night, bitch" I said hugging her back "Night, slut" She walked away, see me and Chelsea have that type of relationship, we call each other mean names but we are really close, LIKE ETREMLEY UP IN YOUR FACE kinda close. I fell asleep on the ground in my work uniform since tomorrow I have a full day of pizza delivery service ~Next Morning~ "Here ya go!" I had someone had me my delivery and I was off, It was one of those days were the day went by like a flick of a tick...Hehe, Me and my sister always say that "Chels, I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight" I said into my iPhone "Awh, Okay" I went inside and fell asleep on the couch....I meant to do that.

A/N SOWWY IT WAS SHORT, I'm just talking with ma friend DawnCarterBEEEEEETCH! follow 'er

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