The Way

The way he kisses me. The way he makes me blue an unbelievable crimson red. His laugh His smile i am the first person to bring it out of him in 5 years. I never knew he could love anyone or me. I thought hate was going to rule his life but it seems as if it wont after all.

He's a bad boy. I'm a good girl. We don't mix. He's a high school drop out and I'm an A+ student planning to goto college and do something with my life. He's a asshole ,and jerk. I'm a nice girl who is focused on my life and wanting to be sucessful.

Ariana Grande as Adriana Grande

Victoria Justice as Lianna Wilkerson

Justin Bieber as Danger Bieber

Pattie Mallete as Herself

Jennifer Lopez as Mellonie Grande

Mario Lopez as Juan Grande


1. First day of school

I woke up to be greeted by the brightness of the morning sun shining through my bedroom window. I pulled back the dark purple duvet that rested on my tired body. They day i was dreading the most,and the whole summer was finally here and it wouldn`t go away. The first day of school. School is my least favorite interest but i am incredibly smart. I groggily made my way to the closet and pulled a pair of washed out dark blue denim jeans and a blue t-shirt that read 'am i supposed to care' and my black doc martins. I grabbed my phone off the charger and went downstairs.


"Hello sweetheart" my mom had said to me


"Hey mom" i smiled brightly at her and sat down at the bar and put my bag on the floor beside my chair.


"So, you excited for this school year" my mom smiled widely.


My mom had always loved the fact that i was smart. Every year i would bring home a report card that had all A`s on it. I was proud of myself and so was she. I never believed in anything besides an A. I am a perfectionist. Everything that i do has to be right and perfect. If not then i will do it until it is so.

"Not really mom" i took another bite of my apple.


"Why baby your so smart, but you don't like school. I don't get it, help me understand" she just continued to wash the dishes from our previous dinner last night.


"Mom you dont have to like school and be smart. You can be smart and hate school like me" i replied finishing up my apple.


"well i understand i guess. Are you walking or driving today" She asked as she threw away her gloves.


"I`ll walk today and i just drive sometime next week." I jumped down and grabbed my bag and went around the counter and kissed my mom on the cheek.


"goodbye sweetheart have a good day" she smiled and waved at me as i made my way to the door.


"you too mom" i smiled back and closed the door behind me.


 Time for an exciting meaning boring day of school. More drama , problems and More shit from Liza and her clique of fake`s. My life just couldn't get any better. Or so i thought.


Okay guys that was the first chapter of my book The Way. Tell me what you think and if you have any ideas for this story just let me know. Vote and like and comment please love ya guys <3



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