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Comment The questions in the first chapter and I will try my very best to do all of them!
Btw these are my first Imagines... So yeah....


2. Imagine For: Sydney Tomlinson-Payne

Sydney's P.O.V

Hello. I am Sydney I am 17 years old. I have Brown Hair with Blonde highlights. Oh and I also have Blue Bangs.  I like One Direction just like any other teenager. Liam and Louis are my favourites.

I am going to a 1D concert any minute and I am going to have a blast! I know the boys will do great as they always do! Well I better get ready. See ya!


~10minutes later~

(still your P.OV)

I am on my way. My dad is driving me and I am so excited. I am wearing My 1D shirt which has Mrs. Tomlinson on the back, I have my Liam Payne nails on. I also have, on my cheeks, 'Liam Roxs' on my left and 'Lou Bring The Swag' on my right one. I have red jeans on and my favourite pair of toms on. They're Black! Oh I also have a heart on my forehead. Okay you could say I am obsessed but I call it... Dedicated!


~At The Concert~

OMG!! They are doing Amazing so far! They just finished singing Live While We're Young! Next the are singing Kiss You. I love this song!!

I am in the front row and they keep winking at me. Louis has grabbed my hand, Liam has just smiled and Harry too. Niall winks at me every once in awhile and then Zayn so far hasn't done anything. I sang along with them...


Every time we touch-ouch-ouch

You get this kind of R-u-ush

Baby say Ye-ea-eah Ye-ea-eah

Let Me Kiss You!!

~Skips rest of song~

The are next singing Up All Night. They Pulled me on stage!! OMG!!! They were singing to me and everything!!! Louis looked me directly at me in the eyes and Liam kept smiling.

~Skips rest of concert~

I had V.I.P passes and was so excited! I was going to meet One Direction. I got called in.

I introduced myself and we all talk for hours. At the beginning they were all out of breath from the show and I wont blame them! They worked really hard. Louis and Liam gave me their number and told me to call them anytime.

I went home with a big smile on my face... Wait... I like Liam, and Louis... They both like me... Oh no!! I have a decision to make!!!

~1 week later~

I have decided... I am going to date.......... Louis! He is sweet and kind. The way he has his hair in just the right height for a quiff. Also I love his swag! He is the Swag Masta From Doncasta!!!!!! Liam, I still like him but I have ,more feelings for Louis. The only thing I don't like about Louis is that he broke up with Eleanor to be with me... I kind of feel bad for Eleanor but we are best friends.

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