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4. Imagine For: Darbi

Darbi's P.O.V

Hello, My names Darbi and I am 11 years old. I have super curly brown hair. I like Singing, dancing, and more hobbies! I like the band One Direction so I guess that make me a Directioner.

I am a great singer as my friends say. So one day I auditioned for my school's talent show and I came in first. My mom said that one day I should try out for X-Factor. But I am too young. You have to be 16 and I am 11 so I cant. But anyways my friends video taped me at the talent show and put it on Youtube. When I checked it out I had... 1 MILLON VEIWS!! Wow I was so excited.

My video got many comments and many more views. I was popular!!!!


So enough I had talent scouts and producers contacting me. I was surprised one day when Simon Cowell came to my door!! Yes, Simon Cowell! He told me that One Direction is looking for a new member to the band and that I had what they were looking for. So, I guess you could say, I am in One Direction now!!


We are on tour and it has been hard. Not being able to see your friends and family, now that is hard. I miss my home and the boys miss theirs to. I have seen Harry badly homesick a couple times. Same with Niall. Harry gets really emotional and the boys have to calm him down. And Niall, He gets badly, BADLY, homesick. I guess 'cause he is the furthest away from home. But he cries and gets sick to his stomach. The boys talk in an Irish accent to cheer him up.

I started getting feelings for one of the boys... but I don't know if he feels the same way. It's Zayn. He is perfect. He has an amazing voice, the most gorgeous eyes, amazing style to his hair and the most kindest personality. He is quiet but once he get used to you he is just as loud as the other boys. But yeah... I love him.


~1 month later~

We have a break for a week. We all needed this! Zayn and the other boys gave me their numbers so that way I can stay in touch with them on our break.

Zayn kept texting me all the time. I was sad that I couldn't reply right away because I was busy hanging with my family and friends. But one night I had replied and he said:

Hello Darbi. I just want to say that you have an amazing singing voice and I have fallen for you! Tell me how you think of me :) ~Zayn

Wow!! He likes me... I like him... yay! I texted back saying:

Hello Zayn! I do like you, you have always been my favourite and you have an amazing singing voice too! Thank you see you tomorrow. xxDarbi

I shut my phone off and went to sleep


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I hit the snooze and turned it off. Today I was going back on tour yay... but there is a bad thing about that... I have to wait to see my family and friends for another 3 months.

*skips getting ready and stuff*

Zayn greeted me at the airport with a hug. I hugged back as we boarded the plane. On our way to our next stop, Louis got a bit air sick. Poor dude! he had to keep making trips to the bathroom and yeah you get it. We were on the plane for 3 hours till we got there. when we were landing I got a text:

To Darbi

Hello Louis's phone was dead so he borrowed mine. and now I am using Niall's phone. But can you go out with me? xo Zayn

I looked at him and smiled.


~5 months later~

Zayn wasn't dating Perrie. Perrie broke up with him after she found out what he had done. He had cheated on her but he didn't. It took him awhile to get over her but I think he is over her now. I just don't mention her just in case. But we are happy together!



A/N: Sorry if I spelt your name wrong!!

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