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7. Imagine For: Amber_Loves_1D

Amber's P.O.V

Hiya! I am Amber and I am your regular 15 year old. I like singing, I like music. My favourite band would probably be... One Direction. They have AmaZAYN (lol see what I did ~Hazzaler19) music and I love every song by them. I know all the lyrics to every song. But which Directioner doesn't right? Ahaha us Directioners! Well, some have a favourite boy in 1D and mine is Harry.

Harry Edward Styles is my favourite. His green eyes. His curly hair. His amazing singing voice. The way his hair stays the same all the time, wow. He is adorable! Wait a second! I didn't tell you about what I look like... Here I go. I have long Brown wavy hair, and I have green eyes. Enough about me.


Today I am going to a 1D concert. I have everything ready. My tickets, V.I.P Passes, My Harry Shirt, my 1D nails, everything! This is going to be so much fun! oh did I mention I am going with my friend? oh her name is Maria. She is 15, she has blonde hair with blue eyes. and she likes Niall. Anyways. I was getting ready when Maria called.

(A/N: Maria is Bold and Amber, You're Italics)

"Hello Maria!"

"Hey Amber, You decide what to where yet?"

"Yeah, just deciding on what my hair should look like. You?"

"Wow, I am the complete opposite. I have got my hair planed out but not my outfit."

"Well want to know what I am wearing and maybe you can get an idea?"

"Sure, then I can tell you what I am thinking for my hair"

"Sounds cool, okay. So, I am wearing my 'I <3 Harry Styles' shirt, I am going to wear Black skinny jeans, I have my red converse and... lets see oh yeah my Harry Styles Nails."

"Wow. I could wear my 'I <3 Niall Horan' shirt, with my red jeans then, um. My blue high tops. how does that sound?"

"Sounds good"

"Yeah, oh for my hair, since I have blonde hair my mom is letting me put blue dips at the tips. what will you do for yours?"

"Wow! I might, umm, I will curl it!"

Sounds great"

"Okay well got to get ready. see you soon!"

"Okay bye Amber!"


When I hung up with her I got ready.

*skips getting ready and car ride there*


"Can you belive this Maria???" I said to my best friend as we walked in to the door to the concert arena. We had to wait 20 minutes till it started so we decided to go to the shop and buy some stuff. I bought a Harry doll and a Foam finger that says 'Harry Styles is #1'. We went to our seats and watched the concert. it was amazing!!!!!! Harry pulled me on stage! after the show he gave me his number! OMG! yay!!

When I got home he texted me


Hello, it's Harry! :) How did you like the show?


Wow he texted me...


Hey! I loved it. It was really nice of you to pull me on stage, Thank you! :)

Amber x

We texted for hours then finally he sent me this...

'I was wondering, Would you like to go out with me? ~Haz


WHAT?!!? OMG!! HARRY ASKED ME OUT!!!! AHHH! Oops fangirl moment.


~7 months later~

Harry and I have been dating for months and he asked me to marry him. So now I am Mrs. Styles. Mrs. Amber Styles is my name.


A/N: Hope you liked it! ~Hazzaler19

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