falling in love! good or bad?

Jenna is an 18 year old girl who Doesn't live an exciting life. she has 2 friend who are like sisters to her. she is a big fain of one direction along wit her friend Dana. her friend Danielle or Dani for short doesn't like them but Niall. What happens when she moves to live in London and falls madly in love with members from the band....


2. heart breaking news

I woke up to my alarm clock going off. i slapped in and knocked it off the dresser. a soon i i heard it hit the floor i jumped out of bed. i looked a my cell phone and saw it was 6 o-clock in the morning but its the summer i should be still asleep. i ignored the fact it was early and got ready for the day i showered put clothing on and brushed my teeth. i went down to the kitchen and got out a bowl and the box of cheerio's and ate. well i was cleaning up my dad called me into the living room. he said it was inportant."hunny we need to talk"he said "ok?" i asked unsure of what was going on"were moving to london"was what he said"WHAT NO WE CANT MOVE!" i screamed at them "we can and we are . i got promoted and need to work in london"my dad said to me "no we cant i cant leave my friends behind" i protested. " i know its hard but we have too. no butts"" fine when do we leave?' i asked hoping its not soon" "Friday""that only gives me a week to pack up and tell my friends and try to get a new job there." " well get ur butt in gear" was my moms reply. wat do i do?

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