falling in love! good or bad?

Jenna is an 18 year old girl who Doesn't live an exciting life. she has 2 friend who are like sisters to her. she is a big fain of one direction along wit her friend Dana. her friend Danielle or Dani for short doesn't like them but Niall. What happens when she moves to live in London and falls madly in love with members from the band....


5. car ride


I tried not to add to the commotion and be the quiet girl I am but one bumped into me and I was speechless, not because they noticed me, but because they were the ones picking us up!


I stood in shock as my parents greeted the 5 boys cheerily well I stood there still shocked at who was standing in front of me. ONE DIRECTION! I am a fan of their music and a directioner but not the freaking out type. I was snapped out of my deep thought by my mother calling,more like screaming, my name.

"JENNA!JENNA!" she yelled in my face getting annoyed with me

Iblinked snapping out of my trance and answered "what...sorry" as the 5 guys and my dad chuckled lightly

"lets go" she huffed and walked away

"k.. grumpy" I muttered earning a chuckle from Niall.

five minuits into walking, which consisted of my mother bragging us behind her she tearned and asked "wait where are we going?"  we all looed at each other and mumbled "I don't know" with a huff and sat down on the nearest bench not knowing what to do when suddenly.......

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