Lovely Pain

Evlynn Monroe has a secret that is bigger than anything she has ever experienced in her life; she's a demon. She has been sent to Earth on a mission of killing the rest of the human race during the apocalypse. While on her mission she meets the beautiful Jonah Matthews whom, with his undying love, makes her question everything she's ever believed.


2. Once Upon a Time

There's not much I remember about my old life; when you die you lose a lot of your memories. I do remember that my name is Evlynn Monroe, my parents names are Denise and Timothy, and I was born somewhere in California. My earliest memory is my tenth birthday. I remember having a huge party at our mansion and everyone in the world being there except for the two people who actually mattered; they both were at some awards ceremony that they absolutely couldn't miss, or so they said. I was furious the entire day and wouldn't talk to anyone. I remember my grandma Ethel coming up to me after she found me crying in my bedroom. She tried to use her magical grandmother powers to cheer me up, but it didn't work. "Evie, sweetheart, I know your parents aren't here to help celebrate with you on your special day, but that doesn't have to stop you from having fun and being happy," she said kneeling down on the ground and holding my flawless, young hands with her wrinkly, calloused ones. "Grams you don't understand. My mom and dad promised that they would stay but they left anyways. They didn't even say goodbye or happy birthday. How am I suppose to be happy on my birthday when my parents don't love me?" I replied, tears streaming down my red, dimpled cheeks. I broke down not so long after that statement, and all grams did was hold me and tell how much she loved me. Now, looking back on that day, I feel bad for grams; she had no idea I was faking the whole crying scene just to get a little sympathy from someone. Truth is, before my parents left for their precious little ceremony my father and I had a little party of our own while my mother was getting ready and bossing around the servants. I remember him taking me out to our land in the backyard. He had ordered some people to build the biggest and best barn humankind could create, and if you ask me they did exactly what he said. It was a four story barn and each floor was going to be the home of a different animal. At first I didn't understand why he took me there, at the time we didn't own any pets and weren't going to since my mother hated all things not human. We walked through the barns clean white doors and entered the first floor. The level was really wide and had a lot of dirt and hay on the ground. The air was thick and carried a strong scent of fresh wood and manure. As we walked forward on into the rest of the space I could feel the ground beneath my feet vibrate as the heavy foot falls of my brand new horse hit the ground. I looked up at my father with eyes full of all the pleasure spoiled kids at the age of ten had inside of them. He nodded forward and onward I sprinted, my narrow yet elegant young feet hitting the ground almost at the same rate as the horse's. He helped me mount on the horse and as soon as I was on there was noises from the house. " Sounds like your mother, she must be ready." he said.  He turned to leave but not before giving me a quick hug and verbally expressing his aaffection. " I'll send Charles over to watch you as you ride. Goodbye Evie!" He yelled as he raced back to the house. " Goodbye daddy." I replied under my breath, secretly creating a plan to still get whatever I desired for the rest of the week, although I already knew I would.

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