Lovely Pain

Evlynn Monroe has a secret that is bigger than anything she has ever experienced in her life; she's a demon. She has been sent to Earth on a mission of killing the rest of the human race during the apocalypse. While on her mission she meets the beautiful Jonah Matthews whom, with his undying love, makes her question everything she's ever believed.


1. Introductions

I've never been the type of girl that believed in fairy tales, it just wasn't for me. The whole Prince Charming, damsel in distress, rags to riches idea never really appealed to me; instead it made me want to hurl. I guess you could say I wasn't really a girly girl. Instead I loved to destroy other peoples things, blow up dolls, and even bully other kids at school. That's probably why I am what I am today; a demon. When I was little, my mother always told me that one day The End would come, and that if I didn't stop being a wreck less, pompous, little prick then God wouldn't shine his magical beams down on me and allow me into Heavens pearly white gates, I just laughed and kept on destroying her things. However, she was right; The End did come, God didn't shine his magical beams down on me, and I sure as hell didn't get to walk through Heavens pearly gates. Instead I got sucked down a dark, hot tunnel and entered the dark, malicious place that many like to call Hell. At first I tried to force myself into thinking of it all as a dream; I didn't want to believe that I'd have to spend an eternity with a bunch of lunatics. Then it happened to me, The Change, the thing that only sinister people that weren't evil enough to get turned into those creepy, eyeless freaks you see in the movies undergo. Changing actually wasn't that bad, in fact it was kind of a thrill. I still got to have my old body, same beautiful eerie black hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, and all the other things I once called my own. But, changing comes with a price and everyone who changes gets assigned a mission. Mine was that I had to help destroy the rest of the human race. During the apocalypse, I guess you could say that everything everyone predicted actually happened. The ground split open and lava came out, there were different types of natural disasters going on all around the world, and so on and so forth.
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