Everything Goes In One Direction

Summary- Sophia Lee and Elizabeth Marie Porter live with their drunk and abusive dad in Miami since their mom died 2 years ago of cancer. Their boyfriends Jakob White and Alex Diamond beat them, yet their two of the most popular kids in school because of them.Their only true friends are Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.... Yes from One Direction they are and break so they could finish school.Will they get away from their dad and boyfriends?? Will Niall and Zayn help them?? Will Jakob and Alex find them?? Hazel Jade Smith is your typical teenager well at least thats wat her friends think...her parents died on her 16th birthday in a car wreck she was there but survived. She lives with her abusive boyfriend Derek Lange the day she gets up and leaves she runs into THE Harry Styles.Will he be her destiny?? Will Derek find her??
Then Eleanor Jane Calder is dating Louis Tomlinson and Sarah Mae Winterz is dating Liam Payne...Both from 1D I know its awesome!!


15. The New Girl

Hazel's POV

I had to get away from Derek he's gone to far. "Shit!!" "I am so sorry" a guy with  a deep Brtitish accent said "I...It's o...ok" " Are you ok?" "Yeah..." "I'm Harry and who may you be?" "I'm Hazel. Hazel Jade Smith." "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl" I blushed. "You look lost do you have a place to stay love?" " No I just left my boyfriend" "Why don't you come and get coffee and meet the rest of my band" "Wait your Harry Styles from One Direction?" "Yeah no offense your slow at realizing stuff" "It's probs from the  beatings" "What?" "Nothing" "So do you wanna meet the boys and there girls?" "Sure why not" We go to Starbucks. ''Whos that with you Hazza?" asked the one in the stripes. "Everyone this is Hazel Smith" "Not trying to be rude but aren't you the one that survived that car crash on that girls birthday?" the one in the plaid shirt said " Yeah I just turned 16 and we were going out to eat and next thing you know it someeone hit us and we rolled and my mom and dad hit their heads and my little sister lost to much blood.. and it's ok I get it all the time." " By the way this is Niall the blonde one, and Sophia and her twin Elizabeth, and Zayn the one in the leather jacket, and Louis the one in the stripes and the lady next to him is Eleanor, then there is Liam and Sarah. "Hi" they all said practically in unison. We finished our coffee and left.

Harry's POV

"Hazel earlier when you said it's probably from all the beatings what did you mean?" "Nothing Harry" "It's something tell me you can trust me I promise" "My ex he used to beat me..." she said starting to cry. "Shhh... it's ok he I won't let him hurt you."

Hazel's POV

He comforted me like Derek used too. "Thank you Harry" "For what?" "Helping me if it weren't for you I'd be on the streets." "Hey, I can't let a beautiful girl be on the streets" I blushed. "Lets go to bed Hazel you look tired" "I'll sleep on the couch you can sleep on your bed" "You can lay woth me if you want" "I-I don't know" "I won;t hurt you" "Ok" I layed down next to him and he sung to me. "Your a great singer" "Thanks" "I sing but I'm horrible" "Sing for me." "Ok" I started singing his solo in lLittle Things.

"I know you never loved the sound of your voice on tape. You never want to know how mush you weigh you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect too me." He sat there with his mouth open "If you keep it open youll catch flies....Was I that bad?" "No you were great" "Thanks but can we go to bed I'm tired" "Ya.'' He pulled me close to him and I put my face in the crook of his neck.

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