Remember Me?(a Luke Brooks fanfiction)

MAY CONTAIN SOME SEXUAL CONTENT!!Adela and Luke were best friends until she moved to America but now she's going back to Australia. Will he act the same around her or not?Or will she change?


8. Chapter 8


~Adela's P.O.V.~

 My alarm clock went off and pulled the covers off of me. I groaned i'm still sore from yesterday and i have school today great just great. How i'm i going to be able to deal with all this pain and hide it from people?

"Ade;a hurry up your going to be late for school?"

:alright mom going" i yelled as i ran to the the shower and quickly took a shower. I grabbed my skinny jeans, my white v neck with my leather jacket and  to top it all off my combat boots. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my bad and ran down the stairs. Ugh my whole body aches. 

" Hi sweetie how are you?"

"good but i got to go or im going to be late"

"here"she handed me an apple.

"thanks bye love you"

I walked out the door and started eating my apple. I heard people talking behind me, i turned around to see Jai and Luke arguing. Darn they saw me looking at them and they both shut up.

"Hey" Jai said to me.

"Hi guys"

"on your way to school i see."

"yea were else im i suppose to go" none of us spoke after that. We were finally at school  tho,Jai and Luke went in different ways and let me all alone. 

Everybody was looking at me with nasty faces others were talking and pointing fingers at me. I quickly walked to first period i couldn't stand people lokking and talking about me i've never done anything to them.

At least im happy that im not late because then everybody would be starring at me and i wouldn't be able to take that presure. I snapped out of my thoughts when the teacher said:



" you'll be sitting next to nick we have a new student and she'll be sitting next to luke if you don't mind"

"of course not i'll sit next to nick" i smiled sweetly to her.

"thank you" she smiled back at me.

"your welcome" i went to sit next to nick, when i saw someone new come into our class.



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