Remember Me?(a Luke Brooks fanfiction)

MAY CONTAIN SOME SEXUAL CONTENT!!Adela and Luke were best friends until she moved to America but now she's going back to Australia. Will he act the same around her or not?Or will she change?


16. Chapter 13


•Adela's P.O.V•

I laughed at his response is he just acting dumb or is he actually that dumb. How is this being nice you have me kidnapped for god shake?! If my hands weren't tied behind my back, i would've slapped him so hard in the face right now!

" Anyways Adela tomorrow i will take you home so you can shower and change so we can go to school?"

" i thought you were keeping me here till Luke came and got me!"

" no plan 1 is we have to get him jealous your not going to get out of my sight wherever i am you are!"i nodded.

" but why did you go through all this trouble to kidnap me you could've just gotten me in the morning"

"Because your staying with me tonight, your coming to my house"

" oh hell no" i said.

" i don't care what you think " he snapped at me. He began to untie the knots from the ropes that were holding my hands.

" anyways i would love to torture Luke, it would be fun"

" okay come on lets go its getting late" he grabbed my arm forcefully

" loosen your grip a little i said i would help you im not going to run away so calm your tits" his gripped loosen i sighed in relief because he was pretty strong.

" are we walking?" I asked

" if you want too" i nodded at the thought.

As we were walking towards Nick's house when we saw Luke. I quickly laced our fingers together as soon as Luke looked at us. His eyes looked full of sadness i smirked knowing that this thought of nick and me made him sad.

" hey Luke" Nick said. He didn't answer he just continued walking like we weren't talking to him. Yes score i knew it!!

One thing i had to admit Nick was pretty hot. He abs, muscles the must perfect lips ever. What can i say every girls dream!

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