Remember Me?(a Luke Brooks fanfiction)

MAY CONTAIN SOME SEXUAL CONTENT!!Adela and Luke were best friends until she moved to America but now she's going back to Australia. Will he act the same around her or not?Or will she change?


10. Chapter 10


~Adela's P.O.V.~

After 1st and 2nd the rest of the day went by pretty fast. It was weird in lunch though, I sat down with the girls and they weren't talking to me they were just in their own little conversation. I also found out that i have every single class with Mary, she tried talking to me but i would answer her yes,no and maybe.

I was walking when i heard someone laughing behind me,when i turned around i saw Luke and Mary holding hands. I looked away quickly started to pick up my pace to my house,I got my keys out of my bag. When i began to unlock the door Mary asked me:

"Hey would you like to hang out with us later?"

"No thanks i wouldn't like to be the third wheel"

"Don't worry i think Luke can convince Jai to come.Right Luke?"

"Yea i think i can"he said annoyed like he didn't want me their.

"Alright then I guess i'll see you later"

"Here let me give you my number"

"Okay" She walked towards me and exchanged numbers.

"I'll text you when we will pick you up"

"thanks bye" i smiled at her,I walked inside the house and up to my room. I threw my bad on the floor, I was about to take a power nap when my iphone started vibrating it was a text.

M: The Melbourne mall we'll pick you up in about 30 minutes.

A: Alright thanks again.

M: Yay i'm so excited

I didn't bother to text back i'll sleep for 10 minutes.


~20 miutes later~

Crap i fell asleep for longer, I ran to the bathroom to fix my hair. I changed my combat boots for my black vans these were way more comfortable. I heard the doorbell ring, I grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs i left my mom a note so she doesn't freak out. I opened the door and saw Jai standing their.

"Hey" I said sweetly.

"Hi we should get going" he said awkwardly.

I closed the door and locked it. I walked towards the car, Jai following closely behide me. I quickly got into the car.

"Hi Mary, hi Luke" I mumbled the last part.

"Hello" they said in unison.

"How do you feel about this Jai?" I whispered to him

"He made me come"he whispered back.

" I felt bad if i saw no, if not i wouldn't have come" I turned to face him.

"you should've have texted me i would've bailed so none of us would have to come" he was now facing me our faces inches apart from each other.He started to slowly lean in and so did I, we both broke away when Luke cough.

"We are here" Luke said. We all got out of the car.

"Lets go shopping first Luke please"Mary said i just rolled my eyes at her.

"Okay my love"All of us walked inside the mall.

"Those are so cute" I said pointing to the graphic tees.

"These are super cute" Mary pointed to the high heels. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Jai's hand going to the graphic tees.

"We'll be over their"

"Okay" I heard Luke answer. I grabbed a shirt that said hipsters please.

"It's cute you want to know what else is cute?"he said.


"You:he pecked my cheek, i giggled and blushed.


"Anytime" i leaned in and kissed his lips softly, he kissed me back. This felt nice not being forced to do something that i didn't want too.

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