Loved You First

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1. The Concert

Morgans Pov : 

                         As I woke up that morning I felt happy even though I'm not a morning person I was only happy for a couple hours then my anger set in Monday eurggh I hate Monday as I slowly made my way to school I couldn't wait until six hours of hell was over at least today was special .. They were announcing the 1D ticket winners of a radio competition I hoped with all my heart me and my BFF hannah were chosen EEEP can't wait 



Nialls pov :

                   So today was the big day WINNER DAY  couldn't wait we had the chance to meet two fans we met at the concert I slowly made my way to the kitchen I was hungry as always on my way there i saw harry and liam "morning lads " I said with my morning voice "morning niall" they replied in a happy mood they couldn't wait till we went to the radio station to announce the winner to millions of people 

Hannah's pov :

                        I couldn't sleep last night I'm too excited its Winner day i hope me and Morgan won the tickets to see one direction front row and HOPEFULLY go backstage and meet one direction How I adored harry he was the last thing I thought about at night and first thing in the morning I couldn't wait for 7:30 pm that was when the winner was announced :/ 

Morgans pov:  eventually school ended i made my quick 15 min walk home 3 hous later it was time the clock had struck 7:30 I quickly flicked to the radio station  all I heard was "AND THE WINNERS ARE *drumroll* MORGAN FROM THE UK AND HANNAH FROM THE US  if u won please contact us at .................. Thank you" 

"I WON I WON " I screamed at the top of my voice I quickly called hannah and told her we had won I think I went deaf for 5 mins in one ear she caught the next plane over from the USA it was the first time we had met face to face but we had skyped quite a lot we couldn't believe it 

Nialls pov : So hannah and Morgan won backstage passes and front row tickets little did they know the tickets wouldn't be mailed but personally deliver by me and the guys we drove from our hotel in Newcastle to Darlington to Morgan's house we rapped on the door (knocked) and a man opened the door "Can I help you " he asked in a gruff voice "we are here for Morgan and hannah " louis said loudly " Giiiirls " the man shouted it took a while then two gorgeous girls strolled down the stairs slowly as they got further down you could see the reaction on their faces I think one of them had a crush on me 

Morgan's pov : OMG is one direction really stood at my front door asking for me and Hannah I slowly walked over to my door fan girling inside " Are you Morgan and Hannah ??" Niall asked with his gorgeous accent "y...y...yes we are " we both replied " well we have your tickets !" Said louis "And something else " said zayn " WHAT " shouted hannah "TELL US " we have backstage passes for you as well " said harry " OMG" shouted hannah she had a massive crush on him, we were presented with the tickets passes and free t-shirt  and we invited them in for a cuppa ! 



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