Loved You First

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2. the concert (continued)

after a bit we started talking "so" said Louis "how long have you lived here?"  "all my life" I replied (i had calmed down by now "just visiting but next month i'm moving in with Morgan" replied Hannah (she still couldn't believe it)  we exchanged phone numbers and they went on their way the next morning Hannah woke me up by hitting me with a pillow and ii checked my pone (as always) i had three miss calls and a message all from Niall. Hannah checked her phone same again but from harry we read the messages then called them and asked to join them for coffee we all met up in the main town at Starbucks and got our coffees we walked into the shops (some of them Hannah had never been in in america) we bought some posters and t-shirts and other clothes and some Cd's and we all walked back to mine "well its getting late" niall announced "we'd better get going i'm tired" stated harry and as usual niall was hungry so we went to nandos and then went back to mine and the boys started to get even more tired so i said they could crash here (my house) for the night so i went upstairs and got the sleeping  bags and rolled all four of them out on the floor in the front room (why stay in a bed when your  crush and his friend are sleeping over?) so we all slept on the floor i woke up the next morning and i was the last to wake up all the others had woke up and were sitting on the couch and watching tv all except niall who was watching me did he 'like' me ???


Nialls POV : aww shes so cute when she sleeps i think im starting to like her i know she likes me its obvious i think harry is starting to like hannah too their couple name would be harrah and mine and morgans would be niallgan when morgan woke up we went out and i slowly slipped my hand into hers and she giggled harry and i left after a while because we had to get ready for our concert where the girls had backstage passes i loved seeing them as the concert went on the girls were sinnging along and as we closed up with the song up all  night they rushed backstage to see us and morgan gave me a huge hug and then kissed my cheek and held my hand harry gave hannah a hug and then louis shouted us to get a room so at that we all went to the hotel and relaxed for a bit then the lads went into their room and hannah went with harry so it was just morgan and I


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