Loved You First

Moved to watt pad


3. harrah

Harrys pov: so i made my way back to my hotel room hannah following closely behind we got nearer the door and she kissed me and we walked in we went to the couch and resumed i new i liked her their was something about her that made me happy i dont know what but there just was she wasnt like the other girls she was .... different we carried on kissing and i cant tell you what happened next but it was purr-fect shes so cute i think im falling for her!!!!! 

hannahs pov: wow that was amazing i think harrys falling for me i can see it in his eyes and me out of all the girls he couldve had he chose me im soo tired i think i need to go to sleep

harrys pov: hannahs asleep i think i might join her 



Hey guys sorry for the Clift for 4onths but I forgot about it and then I forgot my login lol so I'm going to restart it on my watt pad it's gonna be called loved you first still but my watt pad is MorganMartin0 so... See ya there??

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