A New Begining~Sequel to Summer is gone

Sequel to Summer is Gone~ Niall Is all that is left of One Direction, or so he thinks. When he marries his sweet heart, and they have kids, what happens when they kids of his late band mates come into his life? Do one of the boys come back? Or is Niall stuck in the pit of sadness being reminded of his friends death every second?


17. The big question


 Harrys p.o.v.

I woke up in the new bedroom and went directly to Bobby`s room. He was still asleep. I decided he needed to get up since it was 10:00. Since when does a little kid sleep that late ?!

I walked downstairs with Bobby and Dani was sitting downstairs with Niall Carly and the kids.

"Hey Harry!" She smiled.

"Hello love." I said trying not to sound half asleep.

"Harry, can I talk to you alone?" Dani questioned.

"Of course. Lets go take a walk."

I handed the tired Bobby to Niall and Carly smiled.

I opened the door for Dani and we started walking.


"Yes love?"

"Im about to ask a very important question, though it will hurt me and make me happy at the same time, I want you to answer truthfully."

"What is it?"

"Harry, as you know, Liam is the father of Bobby. The real father. As we both know, Liam is dead. Though I would love for him to still be his father. He isnt phisically here but I know he is watching him every second, wishing he could be a father here. Bobby needs someone more to take care of him. Not just a mother. I know this hurts me, but Harry if Liam cant be a father to Bobby right here, right now. I would feel a lot better if YOU were his father figure."

"You- you mean, your asking me to be the father?"

"Yes. I am." She let a few tears fall and I embraced her in a hug.

"I would be honored." She started crying more.


She leant back and looked back up at me.

"Dani, will you move in with me?"

She let the tears fall even more.


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