A New Begining~Sequel to Summer is gone

Sequel to Summer is Gone~ Niall Is all that is left of One Direction, or so he thinks. When he marries his sweet heart, and they have kids, what happens when they kids of his late band mates come into his life? Do one of the boys come back? Or is Niall stuck in the pit of sadness being reminded of his friends death every second?


19. Telling her


 Bobbys p.o.v.

"Hey Lily." I said as I walked into her room. She was at her desk, writing. Which means she was writing a song.

"Oh hey Bobby."

"You sound upset, whats wrong?"

"Close the door." She said as she sat on her bed.

"Okay, your really upset. Whats going on."

"Bobby, as you know, your my BEST friend. You have been for like 10 years now. I know I can get good advice from you. So," She said as she took in a deep breath. "There is this guy I like. Im very close to him. At school, when Im around him, other girls are always all over him, and it upsets me. Though, he never seems to have intrests in them and comes right back to my side. I really like him and to be honest, I wrote a song about him. I just dont know what to do."

I had some thoughts that she liked me. 

"Lily," I said grabbing her hand, reassuring her comfort. "If you really like this guy, tell him. And if he is a true friend, he will tell the truth. And I have to tell you something too."

I guess this was the time to tell her.

"Okay, shoot." She said looking me in the eyes.

"Well, I like this girl. But she is so gorgeous and smart and funny, I cant help but feel friend zoned when I am around her. Well because thats what we act like, is friends. I recently got some higher advice and I was told to tell the girl what I thought about her."

"Why are you telling me this if you already got advice?" She said looking down.

"I thought I would run it by you to see what you thought."

"Well, she sounds perfect for you."

"Well I think she is. So, would you mind helping me practice telling her."

"Anything you need. Thats why we are friends." She said sounding more down.

"Okay here it goes, well I really like you. I havent stopped thinking about you for a while now. I think your are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I know we are friends but I want to be more than friends. And I feel like if we are more then friends, Ill be on cloud nine. Ill be in another world. To be honest, I may only 15 but I think Im falling for you hard." I said looking into her eyes.

"That was great. You should go tell her now while its still in your head." She stated. Looking back down

"I just did." She automatically looked back up at me with a single tear falling down her face.

"I feel the same way!" She said jumping onto me for a hug. Letting more tears fall.

I knew I should tell her.

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