A New Begining~Sequel to Summer is gone

Sequel to Summer is Gone~ Niall Is all that is left of One Direction, or so he thinks. When he marries his sweet heart, and they have kids, what happens when they kids of his late band mates come into his life? Do one of the boys come back? Or is Niall stuck in the pit of sadness being reminded of his friends death every second?


20. Family problems


 Perries p.o.v.

 Rae is 14 now and she actually came to me for advice.

"Mum?" She said walking in, in her sweats holding her phone.

"Yes Rae?"

She sat down on my bed.

"I need some advice. I really like this guy mum. We both have known him for a long time now.

I just I think I like him. I dont know."

"You dont know if you like him?" I say sitting up.

"I dont know."

"Well hun, how do you feel about him?"

"Mum, when im around him, I get butterflies. I mean He is my BEST friend. Literally. Youve seen us together. Hes always over here. When I talk to him I get nervous. Like Im not gonna say the right thing."

"Wow, your growing up. Babe, all I can say is if you like him, tell him."

She nodded and walked off.

Raes p.o.v.

I was ready to text Niall Jr.

R:Hey Ni-J :)

N: Hey I was just about to text you, we havent texted in over an hour. I thought you were dead. XD

R: XD Lol. Whats up?

N: Chillin. Just found out Lil and Bobby are together D: gross. Wbu?

R: Same. Just in my usual weekend outfits. Livin dat lyfe XD

N: Ehhh so its that kind of weekend. Sounds like you need a movie night?

R:That would be lovely. But I want to talk to you first.

N: Uh- oh, serious text. Whats up R?

R: Ill just come out with it... Ni, I like you.

N:Haha I know that! I like you too! BFFLS!!! XD

R: No no no. I mean I Actually like you like you.

N: Oh... cool.

R: Yeah....

N: So Ill see ya tonight. 

R: Yeah... I got the popcorn...

N: I got the movie. See ya then! :D


I guess he doesnt feel the same

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