The Fangirls

A comedic story of 4 freshman fangirls and there adventures in the strange world of high school, friendships, and book obsession.


1. Books, Friends... and he rest of the world

“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”
- Mark Twain

             "Oh my god…. Oh my freaking god” I started to breathe heavily as I tried to flush the tears from my eyes and I lifted my head from where it had been buried deep in my book and looked front and center as I stared at the pasty colored walls of the classroom as if I could burn a hole through it with my eyes.

               Gosh… sometimes I wish I had laser vision. Burning holes in things with my eyes would be a great way to express my book anger… and I could get my point across well to people in a book fight. Gosh no one would ever question an unstable fan girl with laser vision.

                “Clara! Clara!” The teacher clapped her hands in front of my face awakening me from a daze of thought and only then did I realize I had said some of that out loud and along with the teacher my entire history class was staring at me as if I had two heads.


“I said you could read when you finished your test, but I never agreed to the sound effects!” exclaimed Mrs. Callimar.


 “I’m sorry; I won’t let it happen again”

                Gosh people should know by now that for me reading and various loud sarcastic remarks along with swelling tears go hand in hand. I understand that outside of the clique of drama obsessed attention nut community spontantious crying really isn't quite the norm, along with the fact that I could keep my comments to myslef. Well those are bridges to cross another time, I thought as my preocupied mind beckoned me back to the book that had set me off on this raging fit in the first place.

                  Books and I have an awkward love hate relationship. It all starts with me finding a book, then beginning to read it casually, later letting the book indulge my life; staying up to all hours to finish that one chapter, talking spastically about it to anyone who would listen. Eventually right as the end approaches I get slightly psychotic, praying my O.T.P. (one true pairing) doesn't get broken up or even one of my faviorite characters don't die. You see it's one thing to be in love with a fictional character, its another thing to love a dead fictional character. Eventually the cycle ends as I finish the book and I slowly approach a normal state until I claim my next book victim and start the cycle all over again.

                Bringgggg! Bringgggg! Bringgggg! The bell rings relieving me of my commitment to history and releasing me into the free for all that is a high school lunch period. As I entered the hallway which might as well be referred to as a wild animal crossing. You'd think kids ages 14-18 could conduct themselves with a little more sufistication, but take my word for it you would be wrong.

                "Freshman Friday!!!" screamed as assembly of football jersey attired football players at the end of the hall bearing our school colors green and black and our mascot the west high road runner. All the freshman in sight plastered themselves closely against a wall to avoid being shoved as the football players locked in on their target. They made their way running down the hallway shoving every freshman football player they could find against a wall and continued down the bend to reek havoc on another hallway. I spotted Anna across the hall recovering from her hiding spot by a locker and I came to stand behind her, waiting for her to turn around.

                Anna turned to face me with her giant glasses the size of a mad scientists goggles. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed in her face until her glasses fogged over from the heat of my breath. As soon as I ended my psychotic rage she calmly removed her glasses and wiped them clean against the wool of her sweater and said, “Oh sweetie you finished Metropolitan of Skeletons didn’t you?” “Yes…”  I whimpered like a sad child. “Come on lets go to lunch we can talk about it”

                Unlike the average freshman I don’t spend my lunch period battling for a seat in the cafeteria or a bench in the gym, I quietly resign to the library to eat my 180 lunches a year in the company of the books and three other girls who love books and solitude just as much as I do. The three of us weren't really friends before highschool. On the first day of highschool we all had the same idea to eat in the library and that's how we found each other. Since then Anna, Mattia, Dinese and I have been inseperable.


               "I mean it’s ridiculous” I exclaimed, “Larry and Dace are brothers. Who the hell saw that coming!” I exclaimed as I sumarised my opinions from Metropolitan of Skeletons. My council of friends cautiously raised their hands as they had caught onto the foreshadowing that had flown right over my head.

 “What did you think was going to happen they were going to date?” added Mattia in her peppy British accent, “It’s not like either of them are gay”

“Yeah that’s only Dalec” jutted in Denise, “Plus we all know that Larry is going to date his childhood friend Simmy”.

“Still I didn’t see it coming” I exclaimed.

                I retrieved the book from my bag and examined the glossy cover of the book pondering what to do.

"Let it all out" soothed Mattia

                With a library sound level scream I chucked the book (with the most class one could possibly throw a book, as we are of course in a library) at a shelf across the room. “Ok the book is gone out of sight out of mind, I’m just going to eat my lunch and not have an emotional breakdown” I sighed as the girls nodded in agreement.

                “Is this yours” asked a casting shadow from behind me tapping my shoulder “It’s quite a good book" the shadow said as he flipped the book on its spine to resecure the book cover "did you see the whole Larry Dace brother thing coming. I certainly didn’t” at that point he looked at me for an answer, but I was preoccupied by the fact that there was a freaking boy in a library holding a book talking to me.

                 "I’m new I’m not quite sure we have met” He offered me his hand to shake “I’m Carter” I shook his hand, but the whole time all I could think is that there was a boy in a library shaking my hand asking me about books. Of all the things I have ever experienced this was the most marvelous.  

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