Changed (Harry styles fanfic)

Dear Diary, Hi. I'm Hannah. People around know me as the girl who has sex for fun. In other words, I'm somewhat of a prostitute. But what they don't know is that I don't do it because I like it, I actually have a good reason for doing it.
My parents divorced about a year ago and my mom has a low budget job, which barley pays off our rent of our apartment. So I joined the fine life of prostitution. Yeah I don't like doing it, but I need to help my mom in someway. You know my name, not my story. I wonder if finding a boyfriend mind change things up a bit... <3


3. chapter 3

I trailed of as soon as his hands start to tense up on the steering wheel. Turning his knuckles white. 

Nevermind Harry dont answer that. Lets just go eat ok?. Im starving. Changed the subject.

We arrive at one of my favorite restraunts. The Olive Garden. I get out of the car slowly walking towards my destination. But I soon realize Harry wasnt by my side. 

I turn to find Harry still in the car. face buried in his hands. Was he crying?. I couldnt just leave him there. The fact that I knew his Mom must of died was Terrible. I slowly walk back towards the car and open his door. I actually see him Crying, Sobbing. I than feel my heart go into Sympathy and I slowly Knelt down too him. Cupping his chin and turning towards me. His eyes were bloodshot like he was crying for hours.

Im sorry about your mom. I whisper.

I bring Harry into my arms. Holding him tight. Now realizing I might have trusted him a little more.


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