Changed (Harry styles fanfic)

Dear Diary, Hi. I'm Hannah. People around know me as the girl who has sex for fun. In other words, I'm somewhat of a prostitute. But what they don't know is that I don't do it because I like it, I actually have a good reason for doing it.
My parents divorced about a year ago and my mom has a low budget job, which barley pays off our rent of our apartment. So I joined the fine life of prostitution. Yeah I don't like doing it, but I need to help my mom in someway. You know my name, not my story. I wonder if finding a boyfriend mind change things up a bit... <3


8. chaptehhh 8th

Harry Harry Goddamn Let me down!! i scream

I started banging on his back like a little 3 year old Hurting myself more then it was hurting him My hand turning purple from the impact on his back He was so toned his muscly back distracted me from where we were going I recognize my dirty messy bedroom floor Harry throws me on the bed I crawl away from him waiting for another explanation 

Your mom mad it clear that I had you in bed sleep he demanded 

Harry im 20 years old quit worrying about me i cry 

A smirk revealed with two dimples was my only reply as he turns his back towards me walking out of my room and shutting the door I get up from my fatal position as I run towards the door roughly opening it 

Harry I call out 

His faced was filled with anger once again creepingly walking towards me He hated the fact that i always dis obeyed his orders 

I told you to sleep

Can I atleast show you were you will be sleeping it is MY house

He gestures out his hand I nervously take his gesture Making him follow me to where he was sleeping I obviously wasnt going to let him sleep here it was to dangerous 

Here Harry I open the door


Well walk in and turn to your left theres a light switch Sleep tight 

As soon as he walks in i quickly shut the door as the light shows under the door frame 

Hannah why the hell am I in your garage harry says on the other side of me 

Its where you will be sleeping have fun sleep tight harry and bang on the door i dare you you will break your fist i say locking the door 

Hannah harry screams 

I ignore the sounds of harrys little tantrum with banging and screaming I walk back upstairs and slip into some sweats and a t shirt to sleep in I pick up my phone to text Ella Just to let her know that im in my house I tried my best not to mention Harry cause she will be faster then I can say not to I turn on my side waiting for her reply as sleep takes over me 


I wake up in the middle of the night 2am to be exact I wanted to go check on harry just in case he is okay but im too scared to I didnt hear anymore banging or yelling so maybe he has fallen asleep I still wanted to go downstairs to get something to drink havent you had the time when you wake up in the middle of the night and have a crazy urge for something to drink Yeah that was me 

as im walking downstairs i notice it starts to get a bit colder Noticing the garage door wide open as my heart fall i went into the garage no one was in there the electric door wasnt open so he didnt escape hes still here but where where was he i had notice a light coming from the downstairs bathroom I slowly start to walk over to it and put my ear to the door all i heard was the sound of heavy breathing and grunts 

Im a failure a failure a fucking failure i can never be with a girl i liked never how stupid am I harry yells

I Open the door and my eyes spring wide open I bring my mouth up to reveal what harry had done Blood everywhere I couldnt believe my eyes tears start to build up

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