Changed (Harry styles fanfic)

Dear Diary, Hi. I'm Hannah. People around know me as the girl who has sex for fun. In other words, I'm somewhat of a prostitute. But what they don't know is that I don't do it because I like it, I actually have a good reason for doing it.
My parents divorced about a year ago and my mom has a low budget job, which barley pays off our rent of our apartment. So I joined the fine life of prostitution. Yeah I don't like doing it, but I need to help my mom in someway. You know my name, not my story. I wonder if finding a boyfriend mind change things up a bit... <3


7. Chaptehhh 7th

My heart starts to beat faster Im Practically shaking how did he get my number oh wait He did take my phone Damnit I knew i should of locked it

I looked around hoping he aint following us Obviously he wasnt but I had this weird feeling that I knew Harry nows where I was  and for some odd reason i start to tear up

Hannah you Ok Ella asked with concern 

Oh Yeah im fine can we just get to my house I nervously chuckle 

what did the text say

Oh umm.. Look

I bring my phone up to Ellas face she quickly glances at the phone and then back on the road she mustve done that three times

Hannah dont worry your safe with me do you wanna go to the police Theyll surely take harry off your back 

No I mean Please dont last thing I want is for me to be in another crime scene again

Hannah you need to tell someone to make them believe that Harr-

No Just stop I cut in

Fine but Just please call me if anything happens please

we finally get to my house and I unbuckle myself giving Ella a hug and saying thanks for the ride I step out of the car feeling Ella grab my wrist 

Please call me Please

Thanks for the ride again i say avoiding her question

I pull my wrist back into my possession as Im walking up to my house I see my moms car I was relieved to see her home I walked up the patio toward the door of my home I suddenly hear my Mom laugh Maybe she knew I was home I shoved my house keys into the door bursting it open 

Mom im so glad- I pause 

My body is in shock Not believing the tall curly haired boy standing by her wrapped in a blanket Harry

Hannah my love your Home she cries

She comes up to give me hug as my chin rest on her shoulder I glance at Harry hes standing there wearing the biggest smirk I have ever seen him wear How did he get here I was shaking in fear 

Hannah darling are you ok you look like youve seen a ghost 

Yeah I might have i whispered without thinking Oh yeah mom im ok

Oh good Well hannah I was on my way home from aunties house and I saw this lonely boy walking alone almost naked His name is Harry Harry Hannah Hannah Harry

I couldnt believe what just happened fear wasnt inside me anymore But disgust was How dare he use my own mother to get to me how dare he 

Hi Harry  nervously smiles

Mmm is all I could say 

Hannah Please take harry up to my bedroom your father had left some clothes her I pack them in a box

Right this way I say in annoyance 

We past my mother and I started guiding harry up to the bedroom until I stop him I couldnt take this anymore 

alright Now explain yourself no more fucking jokes harry I bite

What do you mean I was just a lonely boy walking around in the dark almost naked I had to hitch a ride with someone he said all innocently some Bitch stole my car 

Oh bite me 

I turn my back and walk into my moms room rustling threw the box and throwing clothes at Harry not realizing they didnt match I didnt care 

Bathroom is down there Hurry up and change so you can get out of here im tired of you always stalking me 

Oh Honey im not leaving your mother was kind enough to let me stay the night She said I could use the guest room 

Mom I scream in question 

I push Harry out of the way and stomp downstairs  I reach the Kitchen noticing My mom wasnt there I looked in the living room No one there was a note on the door 

Hannah something has comed up I invited Harry to stay the night find him a place in the guest room ill be home tomorrow morning 

Now the fear started to come in Harry mustve Known she had something today Im alone in the House with harry a suspect of rape Oh No

I hear quit footsteps coming from upstairs I couldnt let harry find me I quickly shut off all the lights and hide behind the couch I hear harry in the kitchen 

Ohh hide n go seek I love this Game harry called out Hannah Oh Hannah kins where are you my love 

I hate this game cat and Mouse Harry always seems to love I had my phone in my pocket I bring it out turning it on not realizing the bright light would give out my hiding spot As soon as I hear harry jog back upstairs as if I went up there I come out of my little habitat as I creep to the bathroom across the living room. I start to panic as Harry starts to run down the stairs again shit he heard me I start to book towards the bathroom but I wasnt far enough harry puts one arm infront of my waist throwing me over his shoulders 


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