Changed (Harry styles fanfic)

Dear Diary, Hi. I'm Hannah. People around know me as the girl who has sex for fun. In other words, I'm somewhat of a prostitute. But what they don't know is that I don't do it because I like it, I actually have a good reason for doing it.
My parents divorced about a year ago and my mom has a low budget job, which barley pays off our rent of our apartment. So I joined the fine life of prostitution. Yeah I don't like doing it, but I need to help my mom in someway. You know my name, not my story. I wonder if finding a boyfriend mind change things up a bit... <3


6. Chaptehhh 6th

Well its not Harry.So that was a relief I get up out of my hiding spot realizing that girl was ella

Hannah Hannah Omg what are you doing Ella Cries

Ella Oh thank god its you I say from walking out of the car Harry tried to get me to go skinny dipping with him and All I could think about was are conversation I took his car and left, I explained 

Oh Jesus Hannah Cmon ill take you Home

Me and Hannah walked to her car as soon as I got my stuff from harrys I open the Passenger seat and Buckled myself in

You ready lets go

The whole car ride home was silent until the sound of my ringtone breaks it I look at my message to check who it is

You can run hannah but you cant hide ;) XX



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