A Knife In Her Fist

This Is A Story Based On The Challenges I Faced During My Childhood Life. How I Faced Depression, And How Difficult It Is To Live In A Life Of Darkness.


5. Happy?


   The sound of my alarm woke me up quickly. I opened my eyes, and almost smashed the clock. I hated to wake up every day at six in the morning, but school was the only place where life was important to me. I put on a white shirt, and some black pants. I washed my face, and put some mascara. I got my bag, and put my books, and swimming stuff since it was the last days of school we where going swimming. I loved going swimming jumping into a pool feels like jumping into a new world where there's no mistakes. It was already seven when I was ready. I still had 20 minutes so I checked my e- mails. Nothing. I got up grabbed my bag, and headed to Jasmil's house. We've been friends for 2 years, and she's the only one that knows how I feel. Talking to her is like talking to yourself because she gets me, and cares. We walked for about 20 minutes when we got to General Worth Junior High. I'm a 7th grader here, and we always get picked on by no other than the 8th graders. Not all 8th graders are mean I actually have many friends in that grade. We got to Mr. Topaz's class where all of my friends hang out. As usual, we were the only ones there. After about ten minutes everyone was there. I said hi, and Jasmil and all of the girls left, leaving me alone with the guys. I don't really mind because I always have a good time with them. Alexis is my best guy friend. We dated once, but it didn't really work out. We stayed close friends though, and I liked it that way. The bell rang, and it was time for 1st period. I got my bag from the floor, and say bye to the guys. Ms. Sona's class is first. I don't really talk much with anyone there, but Kacey and Yovan. After first, second, and third period, I went to P.E. It's fun to be with my friends there becuase I hangout with Rosal, and Olivia. Since we went swimming, and I was full of scars in my hands I had to hide them with a big bracelet. 

  The whole day passed like whatever. I didn't really care. When I got home I did some of my homework, ate, and went on the computer. I went outside to hear music alone like always. A boy than came up to me, and sat right next to me. I took my headphones off, and stared at him. He said hi, and we talked for awhile. He was new in town. I told him I had to go, and went inside. He was really cute, and funny, but I wasn't ready for another realtionship. I put on my P.J.s and climbed into bed. Life was so complicated, but meeting him made me happy. Did it really?  


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