Blood, Blades, and Bullets

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the government and the rich live the life they want in fortified cities. Everyone else, however, is left to fend for themselves outside the city walls or forced into slavery by the wealthy. Rogue groups over time built up their own fortified towns, and hold grudges against the upper classes that barely lift a finger while they fight flesh eaters to survive. Devon was only 11 years old when the deadly virus first hit, taking away her parents and younger brother. She grew up in a fortified town, learning how to survive. Now Devon is 16, living her fifth year in the apocalypse. The town she lives in is shared with 87 other rogues, most of which come and go. They keep communication with the other towns around them, the nearest a dangerous 17 miles to away. Rumors are going around that the neigboring towns are coming together to attack the closest city, and raid the rich people who live there. Devon has to fight to survive, but now not just the undead...


3. Into Slavery

Hell did come. Out of the darkness, three flesh eaters limped into sight. They were easily taken out, but then five more started approaching. Devon gagged on the scent and fired two shots, nailing two between the eyes.

Jarred and Rick moved up and crouched in front with her, taking out the other three. Tom and Drake stood back, watching for the flesh eaters being attracted by the gunfire. In the distance more gunfire from the other groups was heard.

Devon, Rick, and Jarred stood. Rick reached into his pockets and got three small flashlights, handing one to each of them.

"Split and look for what we need. Be alert." He winked at Devon when Jarred moved away and whispered in her ear. "I think there's a door near the back you can get out through. Hit up the jewelers and the little souvenir shop on the corner. Be careful."

"I will be." Devon hugged him and moved towards the back, shining her flashlight nervously around the aisle. She pocketed some Advil, Tylenol and toothpaste.

When Devon finally reached the back of the store she turned off her flashlight and tucked it into her pocket, raising her gun as she pushed the back door open. Slipping into the light again, Devon grimaced as she walked past a flesh eater. She couldn't shoot it unless she had to, or else the group would hear and realize she wasn't in the pharmacy anymore.

The flesh eater looked up and lumbered towards her, but was still a good ten feet away when she turned around, and gasped in fear.

Two eyes stared back at her. They were green, with a fierce look in them. She stumbled back, but the stranger grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him.

"Let me go!" She was ready to scream if she had to.

"Shut up." The man said and raised a gun to her head. "Brad, Kevin, got one. The rest are inside. Use a muffled shot on that thing." Two other men appeared from around the corner of the building and he nodded toward the flesh eater, which was still making it's way to them. One of the men raised a gun with a muffler and shot it in the forehead.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Devon growled and glared at the man.

"I said shut up, unless you want a bullet in your head." The man just pressed the gun painfully against Devon's temple.

"Walk." He ordered and started leading her away. On the other side of the building, four armored cars were parked. One of them was being loaded with the people Devon recognized from the other group on the raid that was sent to get food. Everything they had on them was put in a bin, even their clothes. The men had been stripped down to their boxers.

The man with the bin walked over, and another man started taking everything out of Devon's pockets. Her gun and its clips were thrown down carelessly, making her growl.

"You're quite the little animal, aren't you?" The man holding her spoke, his warm breath against her neck making her cringe. The other man started taking off her sweatshirt.

He pulled it over her head and the man holding her let go of her arms for a moment to get it off. She took a breath in, thinking about running.

"If you run, we shoot." The man took hold of her arms again, making her tense up. The other man started undoing her bullet proof vest. After that was off and in the bin, he moved to her shirt.

"No!" She struggled and earned a smack on the back of the head from the man holding her.

"It's okay, it's just regulation to strip new slaves down before we load them." The man removing her clothes caught her eye for a moment before returning to stripping her.

"Slave?" Devon's heart stopped. The cold dread sunk in as she realized what was happening. The raiding party had been ambushed. The men had come from a city somewhere. Cities were like fortified towns, but obviously much bigger. The rich and highly respected lived inside the city walls, in high-rise pent houses as though the flesh eater epidemic had never happened.

Every now and then the wealthy people inside the city demand slaves to work for them. When the slave demand increases, the city sends out groups to towns with the knowledge of raids, and captures the raiding parties.

Devon had heard horrific stories of slavery inside the city. Especially horrible for girls.

From around the front side of the building, the rest of her group came. They were all being walked with guns to their head. Rick was in the front, looking ready to murder. Jarred followed, along with Tom and Drake.

The man removing Devon's clothes yanked her shirt off over her head. Rick was staring, gritting his teeth together. Jarred was staring as well, but with a very different expression. After the shirt, he pulled off her pants, leaving Devon feeling extremely exposed in her bra and panties.

"Now to make sure there's nothing hidden..." The man stripping her smiled and bluntly reached into her bra. Devon's face flared bright red and Rick lunged forward.

"Don't you fucking touch her you disgusting-" There was a thud, and Rick fell to the ground. One of the men watching them had knocked him out with the butt of his gun.

"Rick!" Devon tore away from the man holding her, eyes locked on Rick's motionless figure. The last thing she remembered was the feeling similar to being cracked over the head with a metal baseball bat, and the sickening thud when her jaw met the pavement. Her vision switched in and out of focus, and then went black.

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