Blood, Blades, and Bullets

In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the government and the rich live the life they want in fortified cities. Everyone else, however, is left to fend for themselves outside the city walls or forced into slavery by the wealthy. Rogue groups over time built up their own fortified towns, and hold grudges against the upper classes that barely lift a finger while they fight flesh eaters to survive. Devon was only 11 years old when the deadly virus first hit, taking away her parents and younger brother. She grew up in a fortified town, learning how to survive. Now Devon is 16, living her fifth year in the apocalypse. The town she lives in is shared with 87 other rogues, most of which come and go. They keep communication with the other towns around them, the nearest a dangerous 17 miles to away. Rumors are going around that the neigboring towns are coming together to attack the closest city, and raid the rich people who live there. Devon has to fight to survive, but now not just the undead...


1. Gear Up

Devon opened her eyes, groaning at the sunlight filling her room. She rolled over and pulled the sheet up, but the light still came through the thin, worn fabric.

"Rick." She groaned. "Close the damn curtains, I want to sleep."

Devon felt Rick's body settle next to her on the bed. "It's time to get up sleepy head." He nuzzled her neck through the sheet and put his arms around her gently.

"No. I want to sleep." Devon rolled over and kicked him, smiling to herself when she heard his whimper of pain.

"Okay, you asked for it." Rick gripped the sheet and tore it away from her in one fluid motion.

"Meanie!" Devon yelled at him, the sunlight making her squint. Rick was smiling, his dark brown eyes intense and mysterious like they always were.

"Good morning to you too." He put his hands on the back of his head and flexed, a sight that would've had any other girl swooning over him in a second. Just not her.

"Fuck you." Devon grunted and whipped a pillow at his face, which he easily dodged.

"Oh yeah. Almost forgot babe, there's a raid in 20 minutes. Rapid wants 25 volunteers, armed and at attention by then. Three squads, two ten and five. You know, the usual drill." Rick smiled at her and winked.

"YOU ASS!" Devon bolted up in bed. "If you wanted me up, you should have just said that in the first place!" She grumbled and stood, taking off her shirt to change.

Rick whistled, but she could honestly care less. Devon put a clean shirt on and looked at her gear. It was simple enough; one bullet proof vest, waterproof pants, and hiking boots.

After putting her gear on, Devon also threw a sweatshirt over the vest. She put three clips in one of the deep pockets just in case, and loaded the hand gun.

"Are you going with on the raid?" Devon looked up.

"Wouldn't miss it." Rick smiled and opened the door for her.

Devon walked out into the hallway. Rick and her had been sharing the apartment room sense she had arrived years back in the town. The town was just fenced off apartment complexes, four different buildings with an intersection between them all. Rogues had built up the wall from the preexisting fence to keep out the flesh eaters.

The town had a leader by the name of Rapid. He was a white-trash, scruffy, scrappy looking man in his early twenties. He lived on the top floor of the complex Devon and Rick lived in. He led the raids, missions into non-fortified towns for supplies. He also led the runs. Runs were meetings between different towns, to share news.

Raids were routine. 50 volunteers, two ten and five, meaning two groups of ten and one group of five. One of the groups of ten searched for food, the other group for medicine and other vital things the town needs. The group of five looks for survivors.

Devon walked out of the building, surveying the street around her. Stands were set up all along the curb, selling everything from puppies and jewelry to chocolate and alcohol. Nobody really valued money much in the town anymore, so people traded to get things. There were a few fires burning, and the smell of cooking meat made Devon's mouth water.

Rick looked back for a moment. "Come on. Before the raid moves out."

"I'm coming." Devon picked up the pace and walked beside him.

"Devon, Rick, ten two." Rapid shouted as they approached. Both nodded and hopped into the back of a green truck, marked "MED".

"So we're on the medicine raid." Rick grinned. "I'm going straight to the Advil. That stuff's in high demand."

"I think I'm gonna go jewel hunting, will you cover me?" Devon said quietly. Jewel hunting wasn't exactly a bad thing, but Rapid frowned upon it. Raids were meant to go in, get what the town needs, and get out with the least amount of risks possible. Jewel hunting was leaving your assigned job on the raid and searching for valuable things, like alcohol, jewelry, flashlights, batteries, blankets, and other things people would trade a lot for.

"You know I will babe." Rick laughed. "I need something to trade up for-" The truck lurched into motion, and the eight other people on the run went silent as well.

"Ready to shoot some flesh eaters?" Devon winked.

"Hell yeah." Rick winked back. The town's only entrance was a huge gate. It dragged open and the first truck drove out, marked "FOOD". The second truck, "MED", with Devon and Rick drove out after it. The third truck, marked "HUMANS" pulled out last.

Devon looked back past the truck behind them as the gate closed with a thud. "It's do or die from here on out." She whispered to herself, gripping the hand gun in her sweatshirt pocket and smiling.

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