Caged (HG Spin-off... I guess)

After a major war, The U.S. gets divided into the Gemstone Regions. Within the regions, there are different countries. Each country must compete in the game-show, Caged, where contestants fight to death. Did I mention that they'll be sharing the arena with mutant animals, such as the Solleonom, a mutant, jungle cat. Luckily for the contestants, there is an exit. If you're the last two standing, or the one who finds the exit, you get the amazing prize of life. But, is it worth living, knowing someone you love is dead?


4. Plants


 Five Days Before The Parade


  "You will have two days to train," The Lady's voice echoed among the silent people in the room. "And, I suggest working on skills that you either do not have, or are not....skilled at." She finished, with the clacking of her heels against the black linoleum floor. Everyone dispersed, and before Byrd left, she just rolled her eyes. 

  Now, where will I go? I walked around until I got to the plants station. This'll help, considering I can't tell what's deadly, or what's delicious. I sat down next to a girl who was in the front. Might as well pay attention.

  "Hi, I'm Genevive," I said. The girl looked up from her notebook. "I am so tired. How about you?"

  "Well, hi Tired. I'm Rykira." She said. She seemed nice. "I'm kidding. I know who you are! You're the girl who-"

  "Yes, I know." I snapped. "I'm sorry, I'm just... How do you know who I am? Wasn't Sapphiria's party first?" I asked. They don't allow anyone who isn't from that country in, and I'm pretty sure she isn't from my country....

  "Oh, they televised the party." Why do they have to televise everything? " Jeez, I'm not that big of a creep."

  "Well, I'd hope you're not." We talked for the rest of the lesson, and I picked up some stuff. It turns out, if you were to eat a Vybridiam Berry in the arena, you'd die almost instantly. I like Rykira, Maybe Her, Byrd, and I could form a cute little alliance.

  "So, where are you going?" She asked. How do I make this not sound weird? "Umm, I'm going to find Cody," I said shrugging my shoulders. She got a devilish smile on her face. "Just to see what he's doing."

  "You like him don't you?"

  "No." I finished, walking away from a new friend. I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I looked toward the knives station, where he was failing miserably. The girl and boy behind him laughed. I stomped down there.

  "Oh, hey Gen." He said nonchalantly, "So, erm... Can you help me?" He asked, handing me one of the knives. I giggled a little bit, as handed it to me the wrong way.

  "Sure," I said,holding the tiny dagger in my hands. "All you have to do is close one eye, aim, and flick your wrist." I watched him do each, and get the knife caught in the dummy's leg. 

  "That's funny, but you need to aim higher. Like this," I said, demonstrating. The knife got caught in the dummy's chest. "See?"

  "Oh yeah, I see," said the girl, with a smirk plastered on her face. "You have to be skilled, and you're not." She finished, cocking her head at Cody.

  "Well, he's probably best just sticking to picking flowers." The boy said.

  "Yes, and you'd be better off shutting your mouth," A clear voice said from behind me. It was Byrd. "Now, if you, and Roman could just go somewhere else, you'd be saving your sorry asses. Understand, bitch?" She said turning to the girl.

  The girl huffed, and went away, forcing Roman to follow. We all kind of laughed after that. "Okay, we need an alliance!" She cheered.

  "I was just about to say something about that!" I exclaimed. "I know just the girl."


  "Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked. It's not like I hadn't expected Byrd to not have met her yet, but ....just.... Yeah.

  "We were both at the camouflage station, and she seemed like someone we'd both like." She said. "Oh, sorry Cody. I forgot about you." She said, un-apologetically. "You can be in on it, too. Do you have anyone in mind?"

  "Uh, not at the moment." He mumbled. Byrd probably wasn't sorry. But, we can't just go around assuming things. This is life or death! We each spent the rest of the day at the archery, wrestling, and sword stations. I still prefer my knives.


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