Let me intruduce myself

Step number before the first step ever:
Never make this crap so long.
Its about life, k. K..
Let's just get started...



I really don't know why I use this 'writing', and I REALLY don't know why I'm even writing anything here! On Movellas... no. But why? I don't know..sorry. It's just my vibe..whatever dudes. Before I maybe knock you out of boredness, I'm just gonna complain about one little, tiny, small annouying here on Movellas. You are sopposed to write about a 'good' story right? Well, why do I then see 99,9 % of freaking One Direction stories here. I get it, I get it, they're all som hot and cute, but it will not be better for you to just write a beautiful lovestory about a cute girl ( you ) and one from 1D...I think we already know how the ending is going to sound like..Am I right? Please say so...You bot get eacthother or you will go down wit depression because your love of your life just. FASE IT! You crazy fangirls are never gonna marry them! I may sound evil, but take me ow I am or just hate on me, I dont care...I'm never gonna met you anyway.


What is this crap? Well, as far as I know reality is what you see right now. A book, a chair, shorts....your phone with an immature breakup-text from you 'boyfriend', who says that its is fault..bla. And you're ten years old..no. This my ladies and gentlenmans is reality. The right thing? No. Real? Yes.


-This time is so fucked up....I  just can't.  


-I'm not gonna say sorry for my wrong spelling, cause I dont care as long you understand what I'm going to be writing about, peaceout yo

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