Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


3. Starbucks

Izzys POV

  I walked down the road to the nearest starbucks and walked in after i got in line i went on twitter @Izzywalters waiting in line at starbucks man i dident know it could get so crouded after i tweeted that i was in the front of the line "ummmmmm ill have a small white hot choclate" I said "ok" the lady said i got my hot choclate and sat down i went to go up to get a straw and someone bumped into me and spilled all there coffe on me "sorry" a irish accent said wait i know that accent "n-n-niall horan"i asked "shhhhhhh" he said "here do you wanna come and sit with me"he asked "s-s-sure"i said me and Niall got up and sat down at a table"so you know who i'am"he said lauging y-ya"i said "stop freaking out i'm a normal person"he said"ok"i said "now come on i'm gonna buy you a new shirt"he said"ok"i said

Nialls POV

  Wow this girl was really pretty she had dark brown hair and hazel eyes just what i picture my princess as i was snapped out of my thoughts by the girl saying "sooooo this is akward"she said "hey whats your name"i asked"Elizbeth or Izzy for short"she said"beautifull name"i said "thanks" she blushed.Man she is too cute i think im in love with her


hey guys i hope you like so far this story im garnted finishing so enjoy

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