Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


4. shopping and meeting the boys

Izzys POV

  Me and Niall just finished buying me a new shirt and were heading to his house

 Izzys shirt----------

 When me and Niall got to his house right away liam asked"who is this" "my friend izzy"Niall said "oh"liam said "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"i heard from upstairs then in seconds i saw Louis being skwirted by water with a water gun by Harry me,Niall and Liam started lauing our heads off "Hey whos this"Harry said winking at me "hands off pretty boy"I said "haha hazza got turened down"Louis said "Ya ya rub it in lou" Harry said "Lets play TRUTH OR DARE"louis yelled "OK"Harry yelled "Stop yelling"Niall yelled"Ok"Louis yelled"ZAYN GET DOWN HERE"Harry yelled and with that zayn came down."Truth or dare" Harry asked Louis "Dare"Louis said "Ok i dare you to run up and down the road in just your boxers"Harry said"K"Louis yelled and took off his shirt and his pants and ran out the door.All of us cracked up and then lou came back in "Ok Izzy truth or dare" Louis asked me"Dare"i said "Niall you gota dare devil you should keep her"Zayn said"anyways i dare you to switch chlothes with hazza"Louis said"ok":i said me and harry switched clothes so i was wering a plad button up shirt and baggy jeans and Harry was wearing a pair of pink jean short shorts and a lime green tank top that says sexy beast on it in purple me and Harry walked out of the room and everyone fell to the floor lauhing and taking pictures so me and Harry switched clothes and walked out after a hour of playing truth or dare i gaveniall my number he gave me his and i walked home


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