Izzy and her sister amanda are forced to move out after a tragedy but one day they come across 5 boys that will change there life read to find out how


5. Fighting

   Amandas POV

   Where is she its 11:00 at night omg omg i said to myself then i heard the door open and in she came"WHAT THE HELL WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU" i yelled "Calm down i have somthing sooooooooooooo important to tell you"she said "WHAT"i yelled"I was hanging out with one direction"she said "I dont care who the hell you were with you had me worried sick so your grounded"i snaped"you are not the boss of me its my choice what the hell i do i hate you"she said "no thats just your teenager persnality speeking"i said "NO ITS NOT MY FUCKING PERSNALITY"she said and ran to her roomwhat did i do i said to myself

   Izzys POV 

   I feel bad for snapping at amanda but shes not the boss of me im 18 years old and i can take care of myself i wish she would stop acting like i was a baby because im no baby.I called Niall and asked him if i could stay over to his house for the night and he said sure just walk over when your ready so i packed up my stuff and climed down my rope ladder in my window and started walking down the road i would look back every now and then and see a black van driving up the road slowly behind me intell i started to walk faster and then the black van pulled over and two scary men got out and grabbed me


   Hey my duckies cliffhanger ya well im going to try to update tommorow morning but im tiered so im going to bed goodnight

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