Rylie Haydn is a 19 year old normal girl. Loves to stay up late just to go on the internet. Loves having sleepovers with her best friends. Loves food.

Zayn Malik is a 21 year old bad boy. He's not a normal boy. He gets in trouble a lot. Doesn't have parents. Only has himself.

What if one night they meet, and fall in love? Two totally different people falling in love? Well, there not that different...

They have one thing in common...

They both love getting in trouble for fun.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1-

Rylie's P.O.V.

Dear Diary, He is amzaing. Caring, sweet, and funny. When I saw how speical he was, I knew this was the start of something new. But when I was at the club, I could feel it in my bones, something bad was going to happen...


All I could smell is alcohol. I couldnt see anything in the pitch black which sweaty bodies danced around without a care in the world. I hardly could hear also. It seems to me like all my senses shut down beisdes my touch and smell. I didn't care though. I was having way too much fun to do anything but dance with my friends. 

"Wanna another drink?" My friend, Bethany asked over the loud music. I held up my glass and laughed. Me and Bethany made our way to the bartender.

"Two more shots, please!" Bethany asked the girl behind the corner. She put two glasses on the conter and filled them up with the liquids I dersire to chug down my buring throat. She pushed them forward and I didn't think twice as I opened my mouth and threw the alcohol down my greedy throat. I swallowed and slammbed the glass back on the couter and started cheering and laughing uncontrolably. Bethany stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. That was untill I had this horrible sensation I was beeing watched. I stopped and let go of Bethany. She didn't stop as she kept going deeper and deeper into the crowd. I looked around. Nothing was in sight. Just everybody dancing and girls griding on the guys. 

"Well, hello there." I heard a voice behind. I quickly turned around to find a guy hovering over me. I couldnt see his face. I didn't notice him put his hand on my lower back, pushing me so our bodies were touching. I looked up at him and he was smirking. 

"I'm Jarred." He whsipered in my ear as he swayed us back and forth. I stayed completely still. I closed my eyes as he began bitting my earlobe. He then started giving me wet kissing along my neck. I threw my head back enjoying this very much. 

"Let's get out of here." He whispered in my ear. I didn't have time to protest as he was alreay pulling me away from the crowd. The hairs on my neck started to stick up as I still felt followed and watched. Jarred brought me out of the club. Once we were out of the alcohol smelling place, I started taking deep breath as my head started pounding. Jarred looked left then right, still holding my hand. I looked at the line to enter the club and noticed Jarred pulling me away from it. I wonder where we are going.

"Someplace speical." He said. Oops. I said that out loud. Whatever. 

"Over here." He said turning a corner so we were behind two brick walls.

"Ready to have some fun?" He asked. I started to get worried of what kind of fun he was talking about. I was lost in my thoughts, I didn't feel him push me agaist the wall. Not soft either. He kept walking over to me untill he was hovering over me. He looking up and down my body and I cursed under my breath for wearing a tight strapples dress and a push up strapples bra, giving him clear view of my breasts. He lenased forward untill his lips were attacted to mine. I didn't like this what-so-ever. His hands were on my lower back, pushing us together. I ached my back trying to lose his grip. His hands travled up to my dess and found the zipper. He slowly started to unzipp my dress. I pushed his chest so he was off of me.

"Stop..." I said. 

"Oh com'on baby. Just having a little fun." He said leaning forward. I started to push him back father untill he grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head towards his. 

"Jarred!" I yelled.

"Save the name yelling for later." He chuckled.

"Stop!" I yelled as he gripped my butt. 

"She said stop." I heard someone say. I turned my head to face the person who said that. The person had a black hoodie on. Finally, Jarred looked up but sadly, didn't step back.

"Leave us alone Malik." Jarred said. 

"If you can tell me her name without any hesitation, I'll leave you guys alone." The guy said. 

"Julie." He said looking at me.

"Wrong." the guy said then charged after Jarred. They were on the ground but I couldnt see who was on top because of the darkness. I stumbled to get away. But my stupid pumps sent me hurtling towards the cold, hard ground. I flipped myself over so I was on my butt. I started scooting back away from the boys untill I saw one of them stand up. I was scared when I saw one on the ground not moving. I was even more scared when the guy started walking towards me. I stayed still praying it wasnt Jarred. This guy I knew wasnt Jarred becasue he offered me his hand to get up. I hesitantly took it and pulled myself up.

"Lets take you home." The guy said. We started walking back to the parking lot when I stopped. He looked at me confused.

"My friend. What about my friend" I asked. He reached for my hand but I stepped back.

"She will be fine!" He said. I folded my arms across my chest.

"Ugh! Fine. lets go." He said huffing. I smiled as we walked back to the enterence. We walked in through the exit. He turned to me.

"Where is she?" He asked. I shuggered then heard loud noices. 

"Police are here!!" I heard someone yell.

"Shit!" 'Malik' said then pulled me out the club once more. He started running but I couldnt run. I had pumps on. 

"Hurry up!" He yelled at me. I pointed towards my shoes and I heard him huff again. He walked back over to me and turned around. I jumped on his back and he ran towrads his car. 

"I know your here, Malik!" I heard someone say. 'Malik' threw me into the passenger seat then jumped into the car. The last thing I saw were the cops charging towards us untill 'Malik' started flying down the street. 

"Keep you head down!" He ordered me.

"What is this about?" I asked slouching down. he didnt anwser me. 

"Look, if you saved my life, ran from the cops, then kidnapped me, I'm going to need some answers." He stayed quite for a minute then spoke up.

"I can only tell you some untill I know your're safe." He said. I waited for him to say something.

"My name is Zayn Malik. Im 21 years old. I drive this jeep and Im pretty sure im America's most wanted right now." He said making me gasp. 

"I'm sitting in America's most wanted car...with him...right now..." I said. I felt myself breathing heavy. 

"Why did you save me?" I asked. He didnt answer.

"Tell me!" I ordered.  He huffed and rolled his eyes. 

"I need you." He said. I gave him a disgusted look. 

"That came out wrong... I need you to save my life." He said looking around. I gave him a confused look.

"Belive it or not, your saving my life right now." He said.

"Im so confused..." I said.

"Its the alcohol." He said. I rolled my eyes, ignoring his comment.

"How and why and I keeping you safe?" I asked. He huffed.

"I shouldnt tell you." Zayn said. 

"Tell me or I'll jump out the car." I said opening the door a little bit. 

"Okay! Just close it!" He yelled. I closed it and he locked it. I waited...

"Jarred was my partner before..." He whsipered. 

"Partner? For what?" I asked.

"Phill." He whispered. I froze. 

"Sorry, did you just say Phill? As in Phill Haydn?" I asked utterly shocked. He didnt do anything but nodd. I sat back agaist the seat with my mouth gaped open. I haven't heard from him since... the whole inisident...

"How do you know him?" I asked after a couple minutes. My voice cracked as I held back my tears.

"Look, Rylie, I cant tell you anymore till the moring!" He said. I was tooken back when he called me Rylie.

"How do you know my name? You did business with my da-Phill?" I asked. He glanced at me then I realized I had tear spilling out of my bloodshot eyes.

"Remeber when I said your keeping me alive right now?" He asked. I nodded. Then I thought about it. Hard.

"You are doing business with Phill! He told you what? He wants money?His wedding ring back? Tell me, Zayn. I'll give you it!" I cried. 

"I won't allow that.' He said shaking his head. 

"What does he want!" I screamed. Zayn pulled over suddnely. He parked the car then faced me. 

"You, Rylie. Phill wants you..."


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