The Big Mistake

The story is about a girl named Asima who lives with her grandpa. Asima never went to the big city which is Tokyo, but when her grandpa died everything change. She went to Tokyo to search for her dad who abounded her when she was young. But as her journey begins she did the biggest mistake in her life that turned it upside down...


2. Chapter one (All ALone)

Chapter one (All alone)

       After a year, so there I stood, no clue about my surroundings in a place I had never been before. Where everything was dark and gloomy.  My heart filled with fear and sadness, the only thing that I can see is darkness. Searching for a shelter in this cold night.  Not knowing what to do, feeling like I am the only one in the world. Silence everywhere the only thing I can hear is my own heart beat. The fear of being all alone controls me. I found a church there was no one around. So I went to a seat and laid there with my bag. Laying I opened my bag and took the picture; in this picture was my grandparents and I. I kissed it and said, “ I will survive for you.”  


    The next morning, I felt someone pulling my pants, and when I waked up it was a puppy. Annoyingly I booted him gently and got up. As I was walking outside the church, everyone were holding phones (which I don’t have I know so sorrowful) and they were so in a hurry. I  felt like I don’t belong here, but I thought I should ask someone for help. In my village, everyone helped each other we were like a small family full of love and warmth. I saw a man wearing a suit so I went to him. “ Excuse me, you see I am lost and...” He went without even hearing me. I felt something so sharp in my heart, and I thought maybe it was him. But he wasn’t the only one. I wanted to cry from frustration. I saw a park and I sat on the fence, and I looked up. Watching the steaming and the bright sun; I couldn’t stop looking and  tears rolling down to my cheeks. Are you guys watching over me, looking at the clouds, I am crying. I couldn’t find him. Something jumped over me, and I squealed. Then I saw the same puppy that was in the church. He sat there comfortably in my lap and slept. “ Huh?” I looked at his face he was having fun sleeping at my lap. I remembered when I was young my grandpa was telling stories, and I always slept in my grandma’s lap while she strokes my hair. Serenity that how I felt before. And now watching that puppy sleeping at my lap; I couldn’t help but smile. Soothing him he opened his cute eyes. And stood up with his cute legs, and there with his cute white fur. He barked and I laughed. I felt like he was telling me to cheer up and to go search. I smiled and I wanted to stand up. But I noticed he wasn’t wearing any collar, and then I stared at his cute eyes. Oh no that look that look! He gave me the look that no one can resist, and I can’t just leave him. His looking at me wondering, and I smiled. “ Well from now on your name gonna be lucky.” I can see the spark in his eyes and he barked. I stood up and stretched my hand.  I took my bag and as I was walking he walked beside me. It made me so happy and so optimistic. I feel like I can do anything. I took the paper that my grandpa gave it to me; the company that my dad worked at was written there. His picture was in my bag, and as I was walking. I saw a woman she is so beautiful and you can say she is as the age of my mom if she was alive. She was wearing a fancy dress, and she was holding many heavy bags. I walked toward her and took the bags. At first she thought that I was a thief until I asked her smiling, “ Where do you wanna go?” She looked at me with a big smile and said, “ To a company called Angels, and I am really sorry but today my servant had a day off.” Servants hmm well thank god she wasn’t robbed or something. “ You know you shouldn’t go out with fancy cloths because you don’t know you can get robbed in any second.” I said with seriousness in my voice. “ Well my husband said the same thing,” she chuckled, “ but I can’t live without shopping. Oh by the way my name is Hana and you?” “ My name is Asima Nakashima.” I use my grandpa family name. “ Well we are friends now so I will call you Asima!” She said beaming. I giggled. “ Oh my I didn’t notice this little cutie,” she said leaning to lucky and patting his head , “ what’s his name?”  I smiled and said, “ Lucky.” She smiled and got up and we kept walking and chatting.  “ Here we arrived!” She said smiling and pointing at the company. Wait Angels oh my angels, and I took the paper out of my bag. Angles! Jumping out of happiness. She looked at me bewilderedly and laughed. I stopped, noticing what I did, and blushed. Some men with suits came running, and took all the bags from me, “ Miss Hana your late the audition!” “ Oh my!” She said lifting her dress and ran toward the entrance. She stopped and looked at me, “ Thank you so much and if you need me! Come here!” And then began running. I smiled and said to lucky, “ She is a good person.” He barked to me as an answer. I walked toward the entrance and some men stopped me and said, “ Are you here for the audition?” One of them asked. Audition? As I was wondering some woman pulled me, “ Your late the audition will began in any minute.” I grabbed lucky and hide him in my jacket. She was so in a hurry that she ran and then we arrived. When she opened the door there were all kind of people, reading, and some of them crying. Huh? Where the hell I am! “ Whats your name?” She asked me. “ As..Asima Nakashima.” I said unconsciously of what is happening. She sticked a sticker in my back and said, “ Your the last contest so you will wait here. And this is the script.” She said giving me a script and I stared at the script All Alone that what was written on it. I stared and it hit me. “ No mrs I am not...” I looked around and I could’t find anyone. I sighed and sat. I checked on Lucky he was so close to me. I smiled and then I heard some girls beside me screaming from happiness. One of them said, “ I can’t believe that the Dangers will be there to judge.” And the other said, “ Well not all of them Kaito and Masura didn’t come.” They all sighed. “ But at least we can see Usagi,Eita,Dachi, and Tsukusa!” The other said.And They all began crying out from happiness. I sighed and opened the script. I began reading, The story was about a girl who is an orphan girl who doesn’t have any one. She was living in the street and she sells candles. One day in the cold winter she was selling candles , and as always she was begging for anyone to buy her candles. But everyone was ignoring her. Only there was an old man who smiled and bought all of the candles she couldn’t believe it. She cried and cried from happiness. She sat at the corner and put the money in her torn pocket. She fell asleep in this cold winter. She dreamt about food and mansions, and she dreamt about having a family. A home to feel safe. She slept smiling and she never waked from this dream. All alone in the winter she was always alone no one around her. No one saying that it will be ok. Always talking to the moon to the stars. She lived alone and died alone. I saw my tears dropping in the script and I erased them. I heard someone calling my name, “ Asima Nakashima its your turn.” I closed the script and looked at lucky he was still asleep and I put him down with my bag. “ Here.” I raised my hand. I wanted to explain but she didn’t give me a chance and pushed me inside. I saw four handsome guys I admit and Hana she was talking to someone. Then she saw me with astonishment and she frowned. “ So that’s why you helped me?” She said with a frown. Huh? What are you talking about? “ Well did you read the script?” One of the guy asked. “ Yes but...” I wanted to continue but then another guy said, “ Well as you can see there is no dialogue in the script. Because in Angels we can teach you to act, and you can be perfect.” And then another guy said, “ So we wanna know your opinion of the story.” “ You can begin now.” The fourth guy said. I stared at them and said, “ Well you misunderstood me..” I wanted to continue but Hana cut me off and said, “ We don’t have time so please do it fast.” I was pissed so pissed that I said, “ Well do you want to know my opinion! The story is dumb and ugly and stupid and...” They all stared at me amazed. Tears dropped and another and another I began crying. Remembered all of the things that happened to me, and I was afraid that I will be that girl. I will die all alone. Alone. Alone. It was the only thing that popped in my mind. I erased my tears. “ Your in.” Hana said smiling while clapping and all of the people in the room clapped. Then suddenly I heard barking and a woman opened the door and Lucky ran to me. And licked me that I fell in the floor. I felt like he is hugging me and telling me it will be all right. Then Hana said, “ Nakamura,” the woman came, “ you will be responsible for her.”and took me and smiled and said, “ Your feelings came to me and I will be your Agent from now on its a pleasure meeting you miss Nakashima” I smiled and said, “ You can call me Asima,” I bowed and said, “ its a privilege meeting you.”  “ Oh my!” She chuckled. Then suddenly I was in a dorm. She gave me a key and said, “ From now on this where you will live and you should be happy that animals are allowed.” She said kneeing and putting a piece of her hair in her ears and patted Lucky. Mrs. Nakamaru is beautiful and nice. She wears glasses and her hair is black and long braided. “ Your roommate will be soon here.” I opened the door and it was amazing the room color is yellow and there were book shelves and the bed. Everything was amazing about this room. “ Well you can rest and I can show you the school. Maybe you didn’t notice but we are in another building and its the school of Angles,” she smiled, “ see you now.” I bowed and she chuckled again. Lucky barked, stretched,and barked. I chuckled, “ Your so tired I know how you feel.” And I threw myself at the bed it is so comfy and it makes me sleepy. Then everything clicked I opened my eyes widely, “ EHHHH!!!!” 

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