The Big Mistake

The story is about a girl named Asima who lives with her grandpa. Asima never went to the big city which is Tokyo, but when her grandpa died everything change. She went to Tokyo to search for her dad who abounded her when she was young. But as her journey begins she did the biggest mistake in her life that turned it upside down...


1. Prologue (OK)


     “ We don’t have any rice!” I said while searching for anything to eat in the kitchen. “ Well, thats not something weird.” My grandpa said while rolling his eyes. Thats me Asima, a 15 years old girl, well let say I am living the dream. My mom died when I was young, so I can’t really remember her. But my grandparents did a great job raising me until my grandma died everything change. I am working 3 jobs and its kind of hard and my grandpa is old so he can’t work. I am not nagging or anything because I am happy. Everyday I wakeup and go to school and then to my job. I meet different people different perspectives about this world. They say life complicated, but I say people complicate it! I always look at the bright side so I wonder why people don’t. “ Asima?!” I turned from the beautiful view that I was looking at outside my window. And with a big smile I asked my grandpa, “ What do you want,Grandpa?” He looked at me and patted at the empty space beside him. I smiled and sat beside him. He looked at me with the most forlorn eyes. “ Your happiness.” He said while placing his warm and tender hands on my cheeks. “ What do you mean, grandpa?” I said trying to comprehend what he said. “ Asima I know that I am always giving you a hard time...” I interrupted him saying, “ Grandpa don’t say that!” He hit me on my head. “ Ouch!” I said with teary eyes while rubbing my head. He looked at me and rolled his eyes and said, “ I will say whatever and wherever I want! And let me continue, you know we are living in a small city. And I know that its time for you to see the real world,” He said smiling while stroking my hair, “ you are identical to your mom and your grandma. Its just that you have that stupid man eyes.” He said while frowning when he mentioned him. My hair color is long brown , and my eyes are blue...its like that man my father. My father abandoned me when my mom died so I can’t remember him too. At least, I know how they look. My mom was so beautiful and my father is handsome too. “ Grandpa I don’t quite understand you...” “ Of course you can’t because your so ignorant.” He said frowning. I gave him a black look and he ignored me and said, “ Dear its time for you to go to Tokyo to the big city!” “ Why?” I asked him bewilderedly. “ To find your father.” He said gravely. I stared at him not believing what he said. “ Grandpa are you serious?” “ Yes I am! 100% serious!”  He said while looking at my eyes. “ I am not going to the man who abandoned me!” I shouted with tears filling my eyes. “ Well you need too!” He said shouting back. “ Grandpa I thought you hate him, so why do you want me to go to him?!” “ Because I am dying,” He said looking away trying not to cry, “ I will go to your mother and your grandma.” He said smiling. I was speechless no words would come out my mind is black, nothing. “ I went to the hospital when u were in school.Um...I am sick Asima my time came. It doesn’t matter, and I lived my life to the fullest,” he said looking at my tearful eyes and erasing my tears, “ its my time but you still have a long way, and I want you to be safe. Let me die peacefully Asima. I want to go knowing that my granddaughter is safe this is my last wish.” He said hugging me while I am sobbing. “ OK...” I just said “OK” a simple word that meant to him the world.”

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