The UnknowN

Under the masks hides so much, and when it comes to showing emotions, How do you feel? I'd ask myself this everyday and nobody knew the answer. Well if I could even call it an answer - I'd most likely be drowning in a world of pain. A dangerous situation overtakes my life, and I just stand there... looking down at an open world full of fear and crime. I'd even have the ability to fly if I believed hard enough.

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3. Unfitting For the Kid

Chapter 3: Unfitting For the Kid

July 6th 2014 – The Lost & Found

“If it’s money you want... I can hand that over with my eyeballs out of sockets” A stranger said, his voice faded in the winds.

“M-Money...? I just want my safety!” Another stranger screamed, the voice sounded younger. I felt sorry for him or her, and I wanted them away from danger.

Behind a narrow hallway, I hid... it had been a little dusty. Full of the unexpected really and of course the expected. It had been a challenge to stay breathing behind here, it smelt raw... the wallpaper slowly peeling away behind me, along with the rusted pipes leaking out sewage. From above me, I could feel the strong winds, small unknown insects climbing on my skin. It felt so strange, and even then – I wanted to just scratch and scratch. Just to stop the insane itching... I don’t need a rash!

Inside the enclosed walls, you could really feel that your life had been changed, shyness and the fact that I’m hiding inside a wall, well between two walls... very uncomfortable, and even now I can say that this place is safe, it has a lot of used cigarettes though, I can now understand where those hooligans threw away their drugs. Most of the area outside smelt fresh, and me being inside... well it had been interesting to look upon two strangers, I watched closely. Peering through the cracks, and waited patiently. It’s only a matter of time now...

“To seal such a deal, what makes you think I’d drop my security?” The deep voiced stranger said, you could really tell what voice belonged to whom. “I’ll seal one deal, and that’s all for that” whispered the child, he had a point.

Just as I was starting to enjoy this preview on two people talking, I was soon interrupted by a tall man. “What do you think you’re doing...? Hiding behind two walls, ha-ha” he laughed.

August 30th 2012

“Mum, is it possible that my BMX could go up hills the side of skyscrapers?” I asked, I had only been a little younger than previously.

“Run along Sam, I’m sure you will encounter some little children” Mum giggled, and walked off into the foggy road.

“S-So you’re just going to leave me here mum?!” I screamed, the sound of older people laughing around me, I could feel the giggles pulling me apart.

“Oh look... It’s you, why don’t Sam come and join us on the round about?” A young female said, whilst giggling a tune and grabbed me by my wrist.

Sadly it had been true, I was helpless to myself. The evil grin on the young girls face made me feel insecure. She giggled as she dragged me across the grass, disappearing into the fog a few seconds before me. Still being helplessly dragged by my will, the teachers never noticed me being dragged away, I would have screamed. The girl’s giggles kind of blocked out any screams for help.


Next thing I knew, it had just been me rolling on the grass. Not much sound really, peace and quiet perhaps...? It wasn’t a surprise anyway; it would be foolish to just walk away from my own doing. The little girl had disappeared, and left behind the path of light, I’d walk it if I had to. Even though I’ve walked through too much darkness, it may as well purify my life...

“Wake up son, the teachers were worried, as were I” a voice called, I heard the sound of birds chirping. Before I knew it, dad had found me; he had found me lying on a flat landscape. “W-What” I wondered, questioning why they looked for me. Darkness around me, and I’m just alone.

The voice was no longer sound, it had become my dad. He stood tall looking down at me in shock, he looked a little confused. The dark raincoat he had on, it looked as if he had been through a storm to find me. The winds were chilled, and I could just feel sun’s rays lighting around me. The teachers had been waiting for me? I wondered once more to why I’ve been discovered here...

After a few hours, dad had picked up on why I walked off. “You walked out of sight, off the school grounds for whom?!” Dad shouted, he looked a little angrier than our last encounter. “I never walked with anyone, I just rolled. Rolled down these green hills to be healthy” I replied, dad hadn’t listened to a word I had said. He just sulked, and then he told me that it’s my fault...

“The teachers can deal with you son, I haven’t got enough time for you to be punished. Your mother were good at that, she had the talkative ways to keep you well disciplined”. He was right, and we both knew that it was dad’s fault, he left me alone. I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for his selfishness back then, and even then... I would have just walked on an empty road.

Once dad had found me, he dragged me to the school’s reception. I guess I was in trouble for something I hadn’t done; I never rolled in the first place. I only said one lie to keep him from worrying, dad looked upset. He looked as if he had done something wrong, and he would have been right and a great father to me... if only he had just took the blame for my own innocence.

“You left school grounds and Mr... You think that this is acceptable?” The head mistress asked, she had a point, Dad ignored her, he didn’t want to hear anymore talk about his boy, and he didn’t want to listen to anyone... “I bring myself to your reception to be blamed...? I’ve come here with all respect, and all you’ve done is disrespect me...” dad gasped, he whispered with a sulk on his face.

“Dad” I whispered, I had been upset with his selfishness, and watching him breakdown into a weaker man, it certainly changed my point of view. “Vulnerable, and that’s what you call it?” the head mistress replied, she had lost her patience with my dad’s ignorance. Instead of facing parents as a punishment, I had faced the teacher’s wrath. She just wanted me to stay indoors from now on...

“N-No, I followed a little girl, I followed her into the fog” I gulped, and spilled the truth. The head mistress looked as if she were going to laugh. Who could blame her, who would believe a boy who says his followed a small girl into fog. “Who was it, I want names now!” The head mistress screamed, she demanded names from me. I spilt lies to her this time, and told her names I wish were gone.

“Jayce M” I whispered, keeping the smirk at bay. The head mistress wrote the name down on a piece of paper, and her eyes rolled at the sight of seeing my dad so weak. “Jayce M, and this boy... he is now a girl yes?” The head mistress asked with sarcasm, I ignored her.  “No, it’s just someone who I saw with her... they both lead me there” I replied instantly, and giggled from the lies.

“Unbelievable, Why would Jayce M be with a young girl, how can you expect me to believe this?” The head mistress had become more stubborn than usual, she then asked for my name instead. It seemed as if I were to blame now. Maybe it was my fault, I had the power to walk away, yet she dragged me. I could have fought back though! Even then I still felt as if it had been my fault.

The clock above my head ticked and ticked, it made the sounds of cogs clashing together. Patiently waiting with small amounts of sweat starting to travel down my face, I had become a little nervous. Head mistress just sighed, and I then told her what I really saw, and what really happened. It was the only way to keep her mouth shut. I could have just walked away, and disappeared with that girl.

“What is your name... your father is clearly not answering our questions” the head mistress asked, she rubbed her glasses whilst looking down at me. “M-My name... the girl dragged me across the grass!” I shouted, my reply is not what she had been expecting. She gasped from my random higher voice. She wondered why I hadn’t just told the truth before. “Happy now” I asked, and walked away from the reception, slamming the door behind me in disgust.

Jayce M, it wasn’t a name I made up. He bullied me since the beginning of my school days, he ruined them mostly. Laughing at my drawings, mocking my family, and thinking his so strong... I wanted to mock him badly, I wanted him to disappear. Making him vanish from my school had been my biggest wish, I would have dreamt about it. Although, I find wishing easier, and making those wishes ever y birthday – it had never come true. I would just sit there waiting patiently for someone to tell me his gone. So thankful to the person who would remove him from our school, my own safety restored.

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