The UnknowN

Under the masks hides so much, and when it comes to showing emotions, How do you feel? I'd ask myself this everyday and nobody knew the answer. Well if I could even call it an answer - I'd most likely be drowning in a world of pain. A dangerous situation overtakes my life, and I just stand there... looking down at an open world full of fear and crime. I'd even have the ability to fly if I believed hard enough.

-


1. Farewell Family

Chapter 1: Farewell Family

Darkness thriving through our masks, and I ask myself is this it...? Everything I’ve gone through is like basking under a burning hell fire, and this is all I have to show for it... I’d ask myself over and over again if this is it. And you know what I receive instead of family...? A Lost and found letter, I couldn’t care whether I survive, and that’s not the worse part – I live in an area surrounded by darkness...

Masks keeping our identity lost, we dared ourselves to reveal each other’s faces. Andrew was my dearest father; he hadn’t been the kindest in the past, although he had been looking out for me. Until the one day when I was asked to put my life behind me, I doubted him for a second... Like a bright light ending my feelings and my life. Again though, it hadn’t been life that ended...?

1st July 2014

“Son, are you ever going to tidy up?” Father asked me, I’d ignore him while humming a tune I remembered from my granddad’s funeral. “Hmm...” Father had been speechless – First time too, it wasn’t too long ago when he had me locked in this house. Although we swore not to talk about that day again, those police officers are still an enemy though. I’d ask him why, and he’d hum back...

“So... this is it huh, what now?” I sighed, asking Father had been more difficult than usual. We slowly walked together downstairs, He had always been worried about losing me, He even told me himself on Christmas morning... Just before my granddad passed away, I had the nerve to reply back... “It’s all hills and mountains from now son”, Father replied. I sulked at his attitude of the outside world.

“What do you mean...?” I asked the question that lay there in my mind for a long time now. Asking it was sort of a relief. “What I mean is... that life doesn’t get any better from here” Father sighed, his opinions should have stayed to himself. I couldn’t bear to hear more of his personal expressions. “You have your opinions... and I have mine dad” I replied while feeling a little nervous...

“What difference does it make though...?” Father asked his question that had been a little more doubtful than mine. “It makes a big difference... If you opened your eyes and looked!” I shouted, Father still feeling nervous from looking into the sun. His arms locked around his face, He slowly unlocked them – his eyes soon to view something wonderful... “A world of wonder...” I said.

The bright light shining into our doorway, it revealed so much to my father, He had kept himself and I locked up for over five years, It’s about time he sees some light. Granddad would have loved to see this beauty, although I’d beg to differ if he didn’t like it too. “A world of wonder...” Father said, he actually started to believe in what I had said about our planet. “Just like the stories, right dad?” I replied with a smile, it was a smile only a father could love though...

“Do you think... maybe, that just maybe...? I would be able to live this life?” Father asked, a tear slowly falling down to his cheek bone. He had been emotional over such a view, and I wouldn’t blame him for such an early response to a world full of beauty. Especially if it’s a new first look at my generation. I don’t think Father had many opinions on why he felt sad. I’d just call it a manly tear.

Stepping into the outside world, Father could feel the cold breeze, every small minor detail of our outside started to remind him why he disliked the outside world. As pretty and magnificent as it had been, Father couldn’t adjust to the fact that this spot... the outside world is where he lost his wife. My own mother died, she had crashed her car outside, Father awoke and all he could see was flames... Me still over at the hospital back then, I had been looking over my granddad.

“Dad...? What is it?” I asked with a slight tear starting to roll down my left side of my nose. “N-Nothing... Son, I just thought...” Father replied, he tried to reassure me... trying to be the big man he wanted to be, He lost himself in the past. Slamming our front door shut forever, I would have asked him why he can’t look fear in the face. And then I thought of those consequences of losing my dad...

Lucky for me, I had a dear friend. A true friend I would call an angel. Back then Father would have removed her from the premises, and even now he could have done the same. However, once our front door slammed again – I felt the past sapping my energy out of me. It was as if life had ended, looking death in the face all over again. Maybe father’s stories were more real than I first thought.

A familiar face approached me; she looked a little troubled by what she had witnessed. Her own problems were invisible, and my issues had been visible to any naked eye. She over looked me at first, She had thought I were another bad guy, just someone who threw himself out. She looked at me with a smile, and her body movement shown a lot of sudden shaking. I think she maybe troubled, although she felt as if I were a threat.

Her clothing had been more visible than her hollow face beneath a hood. I tried to look past her hidden face and focus on what’s more important. Her emotions had been more important, although I just wanted her presence to be something to remember. She had taken a few more steps forward that had slowly revealed her troubled face. I moved my left hand closer to her, I felt as if she were an angel. The hood still bothered me though; it just hid so much away from me...

The house felt more than a fraction away from me at this point. Even her presence made me feel closer to family. As sickening back then as it was, I still had to accept the fact father isn’t returning. This girl... I named her the angel for one true reason. She revealed darkness to me, and then when she approached me... Her hood didn’t feel up, it felt as if she had revealed herself without doing anything. I tried to look past all the impossible and just accept her for who she is.

“Name...?” She asked jumping to conclusions may have been the worst thing to do, although it did feel right to let her know my name. “M-My name is... Do I even...?” I tried to say my name; my deep voice may have freaked her out a little. She seemed to look a lot younger, her face started to show a little. I weren’t even sure if she actually were revealing her identity, she just felt like an easy person to talk to. She listened to my problems and witnessed a few in the past, according to what she said.

“Your name is sort of... eh?” She replied with her delicate hands touching my frozen arms. She revealed a smile that shined through her dark hood. “Dad left me okay, I’ll be honest” I replied, her feelings didn’t really show. She had been so quiet, and just her body language to focus on made me feel closer. Then again, I’ve seen people like her and it always resulted in pain or suffering.

“You’re overlooking now aren’t you... I can feel a tense muscle in your left arm” She whispered, her hand tightened around my left arm. I could feel her squeezing tightly, it really felt tense. I felt strange for not knowing her, and felt weird for not asking her anything. “How did you know?” I replied, my courage levels started to drop, and my fear level started to rise.

“Ha-ha, does it really matter...?” She giggled, her voice sounded pure. Her hood still covering half of her face, I started to see her true face features. It was as if I was looking into a blocked mirror, and then someone opening a portal to reveal them self, it sounds dumb right? Well, its how I felt – and I wouldn’t put it past her, if she had only been using me... the second she looked at me, and the second I looked away – She could have escaped. She could have stolen valuables...

“Overlook... I remember Overlook, it’s like looking into a mirror isn’t it?” She asked. I freaked out from her strange random speech, although she had a point. I smiled at her half shown face, and focused harder on why she is talking to me. “Overlook?” I asked, sighing to myself on why I hadn’t known what she meant. “A book bro, I found it back then... before I lost...” She replied, instead of uncovering her face, she revealed a small book, A little dusty, and a little dry...

“A little dusty and a little dry...?” I asked, my question needed to be asked. “It’s a book, It’s a book that shows the open worlds” She giggled, I wanted to know more the second she held it in front of my eyes. “Appealing, it’s another word I learnt in this...” She bragged, and even her bragging sounded pure and caring. “Doubtful is the word I’d use for you though, ha-ha” she giggled again, her smirk seemed pure too. And even her half revealed face revealed more on who she is.

“You like reading then?” I asked with a smile. The sun still shining against us, and her hood soon dropped down. “Is this why you wouldn’t ask?” She replied. her question seemed a little random. Why ask about that, when all I wanted was to get to know her. “Well... If I knew why you are here, I’d be happy to discuss that” I smiled, a smile is a way of showing you care mostly.

“You’re smiling... and I’m upset with you” She flinched, holding back her hand away from my arm. The moment she let go, I felt as if my mother had dropped me again. “Don’t let go!” I screamed; I liked the feeling that she were holding onto me. I felt so secure, and I felt so much stronger. “Why...?” she asked, her question seemed valid and even I had to accept that.

“B-B...because” my hand did the talking, and even my eye movement shown some kind of emotion. “Oh... I see now, and what do I look like to you...?” She whispered, slowly turning her face towards me, she revealed blue eyes, and a bruise on her forehead. It was as if she had been beaten up. Her shivering started to worry me, I felt as if her maybe a little heartless after all.

“Stay away, just... stay away and I’ll leave okay!” She screamed her random outburst of such behaviour worried me. I even felt a little concerned on why she changed so easily. My brain started to think and unravel why she is acting this way. Her reaction to my reaching my hand out freaked her out further. “Get away and I’ll just go...” She whispered, until she revealed something far more dangerous than just looks. Her dangerous behaviour started to show, and I didn’t know what to do!

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