all lies

it's funny how all the stories teach us the same things. that we will find our prince at the end. but they don't mention that we might not be their princess.


1. all lies

I grew up
Watching all the same movies
The same thing kept happening
The girl meet the boy
She loved him
He loved her back
They spent the summer together
Then summer ended
And they got separated
After years
A miracle happened
And they ran into each other
And lived happily ever after together
So I spent years
Waiting for that boy
That I will live happily ever after
But he never showed up
So I asked my mom
Where he was
She took a puff from her cigarette
And said
"It's all lies darling
All lies"
And looked at the door
My dad had left
After he found some other woman to love
After years
I found out that my mom was right
Because I had found my prince
We were happy
But then he left
And never can back
Because he had found
Some other princess to love

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