you haven't seen me

you haven't seen me, hopelessly dreaming to die, bleeding with a desire to die. I haven't shown you the real me, the me that's broken. because if I show you her, she might love you and I can't stand that. cause after all, she is the one who ends up broken, after some idiot thinks he knows him good enough to love. ans she believes him, because she has a desire to love, to fill the hole in her heart.


1. you haven't seen the real me

You haven't seen me
In my room
Crying till I fall asleep

You haven't seen me
Listening music 
In the middle of the night
Because sleep won't just come to me

You haven't sen me
Doing nothing
Just thinking, questioning
Why I am still alive

You haven't seen me 
Through the scars
I've left 
Because of the pain

You haven't seen me
Lying on the floor of the bathroom
Wrists covered in blood
With a desire to jump

You haven't seen me
Staring down at the sea
From bridges
Itching to jump

You haven't seen the real me 
So don't tell me 
You know me

I haven't shown you her
Cause after all
She's the one who ends up broken
After an idiot thinks that he knows her well enough 
To love

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